The establishment of an Irish Whiskey Distillery & associated visitor facilities at Holloden Hse Demesne, Clorusk Lr, Royal Oak, Bagenalstown. Holloden Hse is listed as a protected structure in the Carlow County Development Plan, Ref. CW46. The proposed development involves;(1) Distillery Building with millroom, mashroom, stillroom, process area, boilerhouse & water works; workshop/store; cask filling/emptying station; ESB transformer room & low tension switchroom, staff facilities & visitor route; external bunded areas & accommodation tank farms & co-products storage area.(2) Distillery Yard with security fencing & gates; bulk gas tank compound; underground wastewater collection chambers & balancing tank; rising main, pumps & pipework.(3) Cask Warehouse No.1.(4) Cask Warehouse No.2.(5) 2 no. Wells for process water.(6) Cooling water abduction & return station from/to the River Barrow; water intake, pipework to/from the Distillery & return outfall.(7) Water storage pond for fire & emergency use.(8) Fire water & distillate retention tank (dry) as a safety measure for emergencies.(9) Pump house with sampling & monitoring chamber for discharge of wastewater to the town effluent treatment plant.(10) Reconfiguration of the existing entrance gateways.(11) Restoration of the existing avenue to Holloden House for car, cycle and pedestrian use.(12) Formation of new avenue to the distillery with linking avenue to Holloden House; bus & carparking areas for staff and visitors; overflow visitor carparking within a section of the Walled Garden.(13) Restoration of Hollonden Hse & out-offices including construction of two storey link extension for lift and toilets, single storey extension for catering kitchen & opening up of central arch in yard screen wall to improve access. C.O.U to Distillery Visitor Centre incorporating reception area & shop retailing distillery & tourism related merchandise; café/restaurant/tasting area; cooperage & warehouse exhibition area; general events accommodation & management offices.(14) Associated hard & soft landscaping works include; reinstatement/repair of existing walls & fences; new railings & fencing to pasture & parkland; signage; repair & enhancement of the Walled Garden, woodland walks, garden features & follies.(15) Re-configuration of the existing farm entrance at Royal Oak Road to provide for maintenance & emergency services access. A Permission of 10 Years duration is sought for the completion of this proposed development.

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Holloden House Demesne


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