Construction of a mixed development consisting of:
1. The Hulk (Charter School) and adjacent buildings. Renovations to the Hulk (RPS No: B21-29 / NIAH Ref: 11816103) and adjacent buildings RPS No: B26-03 / NIAH Ref. 11816104) protected structures comprise of: (a Craft retail / café space on ground floor, (b) craft exhibition / historic exhibition space on first floor, (c) craft development studios on second floor, (d) glazed connecting corridor to 60 bed nursing home, (e) renovations of adjacent dwellings of the Hulk into shard living accommodation to be associated to the nursing home, (f) refurbishment of existing out building to storage rooms, (g) required car parking and associated landscaping.
2. Nursing Home. The construction of a two storey 60 bedroom nursing home connected to the and all associated facilities including car parking, set down area and associated landscaping
3. Creche. The construction of a two story creche and all associated facilities including car parking, set down area, play area and associated landscaping.
4. 115 no. unit residential development. The construction of residential development comprising of single storey, semi-detached 2 bed dwellings, two storey 2,3, & 4 bedroom dwellings semi-detached and terraced and two storey 5 bedroom detached dwellings. This development consists of 29 no. two bed dwellings, 64 no. 3 bed dwellings, 14 no. four four bed dwelling and 8 no. 5 bed dwellings and all associated site works including proposed entrance, proposed landscaping and proposed surface and foul water sewer.

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