Permission for development on a 0.99 hectare site within a campus of approx. 16.75 hectares at University Hospital Galway, which will consist of amendments to the link corridor aspect of the planning permission granted for the proposed radiation oncology centre, Galway City Council Register 14/334, and will comprise the following; increase in the site area for the development from approximately 0.9 hectares, to approximately 0.99 hectares; demolition of a single storey prefabricated building, 105 sqm, located at the north west of the ward block; relocation of the east part of the proposed pedestrian link to connect into the main hospital block at the rear entrance; addition of a plant room, 102 sqm, at first floor and an overall increase in floor area of the proposed pedestrian corridor link from 240 sqm to 557 sqm; revised elevation treatment and changes in level and parapet height for the proposed pedestrian corridor link; modifications to the road layout and traffic barrier location to facilitate ambulance patient transfer and general deliveries in to the rear of the hospital; modifications to the layout of the carpark east of paediatrics to provide a single access and egress point and a reduction in the number of parking spaces from 43 to 34; internal rearrangement of rooms at the south east and north west of the radiation oncology building at ground floor to facilitate the provision of a low voltage switch room along with external access and associated minor elevational modifications; amendments to the location of the permitted foul drainage connection point for the Radiation Oncology Centre within the hospital campus; amendments to the surface water drainage proposals and hard and soft landscaping proposals arising from the proposed rearrangement of the link.


The Works include the demolition of a single storey Psychiatric Unit and corridor link, approximately 3,000 square metres, disconnection and removal of building mechanical and electrical services, disconnection, removal and/or diversion of above and below ground site services including medium voltage, gas, fibre, telephone, water, foul and surface water, construction of a single storey, part two storey corridor and plant room to connect the Paediatric Unit with the Main Ward Building, approximately 557 square metres, including the installation of new building services, modifications to car parks, roads and footpaths, and replacement of a 5 storey curtain wall window in the Ward Block stairs at University Hospital Galway.
The Works will be carried out on an active busy acute hospital campus. Hospital activities will continue in uninterrupted operation at all times during the Works.

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New Radiation Oncology Centre at University Hospital Galway

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