An extension to the existing composting facility to include additional enclosed areas totaling 6571m2 for the preparation and storage of horticultural and agricultural composts and soil conditioners and the stabilization of organic materials. The proposed extension to the existing facility will allow for the undertaking of in-vessel composting and bio-drying activities (to accept and treat an additional 12,000 tonnes per annum of non-hazardous waste over and above the permitted acceptance and treatment of 10,000 tonnes per annum of Biowaste under the existing waste facility permit) which will comprise of the following: (a) Alterations to the existing reception building for incoming material to allow for the undertaking of permitted Activities; (b) Extension to the existing reception building for incoming material; (c) 7 no. enclosed concrete tunnels with transfer alley; (d) Maturation area for storage and blending of material; (e) Associated external operational plant including Bio-filtration system; (f) Administration/staff amenity building; (g) Additional external windrow composting hard standing areas (green waste compost); (h) Modifications to existing Weighbridge area and the inclusion of vehicle washing facilities; (i) Revised security fencing and landscape planting to site boundaries; (j) All associated site works necessary to facilitate the development including site drainage, rainwater harvesting system, wastewater treatment system, hard standing areas, vehicular parking, etc; (k) Alterations to the existing composting facility and farm vehicular entrance and the provision of a traffic management passing bay on adjacent road ( L7057). The application relates to an activity requiring a Waste Management Facility Permit from Kildare County Council

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Larch Hill

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