Permission for a development. The development will comprise works to the East Quadrangle, a Protected Structure, including (a) the renovation of the east, north and west wings; (b) the demolition of the south wing and its replacement with a new tow storey building with screened plant at roof level; (c) the addition of a single storey internal glazed walkway to the perimeter of the east quadrangle courtyard and (d) a new single storey meeting space to the north facade of the complex (total new building c. 1,183 sq.m.); (e) the alteration and enlargement of two car parking areas to provide a total of 164 car parking spaces, the addition of 10 cycle and 7 motorcycle spaces as well as the provision of external lighting; (f) the relocation of an electrical transformer; (g) the replacement of the south non-original porch door with a single glazed door to facilitate universal access; and (h) associated landscaping and ancillary works.

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