The development will consist of the construction of 103 no. dwelling houses, 1 no. 2 – storey creche (455 sqm.) and all associated and ancillary site developments. Breakdown of houses: 7 no. house type A (3 bedroom, 1.5 storey, 106.4sqm); 5 no. house type A1 (4 bedroom 1.5 storey, 131.2sqm.); 4 No. house type A2 (4 bedroom, 1.5 storey, 130.5sqm.); 8 no. house type B (4 bedroom, 2 storey, 139.8sqm.); 8 no. house type C (3 bedroom, 2 storey, 112sqm.); 11 no. house type P (3 bedroom, 2 storey, 100sq.m.); 5 no. house type P1(3 bedroom, 2 storey, 119.9 sqm.); 2 no. house type P2 (3 bedroom, 2 storey, 121sqm.); 3 No. house type E with terrace (4 bedroom, 3 storey, 149.9sqm.); 1 no. house type E1 with terrace (4 bedroom, 3 storey, 150.7sqm.); 1 no. house type E2 with terrace (4 bedroom, 3 storey, 148.4 sqm.); 2 no. house type F with garage and terrace (4 bedroom, 3 storey, 155.2sqm.); 1 no. house type F1 with garage and terrace (4 bedroom, 3 storey, 175.7sqm.); 8 no. house type G (3 bedroom, 2 storey, 105.7sqm.); 6 no. house type H with terrace (3 bedroom, 2 storey, 110.9sqm.); 7 no. house type J (3 bedroom, 2 storey, 112.5sqm.); 6 no. house type K (2 bedroom, 2 storey, 87.7sqm.); 8 no. house type L (3 bedroom, 2 storey, 95.2sqm.); 1 no. house type L1 (3 bedroom, 2 storey, 97sqm.); 1 no. house type L2 (3 bedroom, 2 storey, 97sqm.); 4 no. house type M (4 bedroom, Part 2 & Part 3 storey, 132.2sqm.); 4 no. house type N (4 bedroom, 3 storey, 140.4 sqm.).

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