Permission to;

a) Construct within the curtilage of a protected structure ie. Wilton park house, wilton, a new single-storey community building with proposed floor area of 533. 61 sq. Meters to accommodate community services/ groups currently occupying existing prefabricated structures on site, including existing pre-school and naionra with new secure outdoor play area to be provided to serve same,

b) Alterations to existing site layout to include new designated car parking area with provision for electric car charging and 2no. Disabled car parking spaces and new covered bike storage,

c) To construct new low level wall and decorative metal fencing with pedestrian access gate and manual vehicular gates at existing main entrance,

d) To construct new low level wall and decorative fencing with pedestrian access gate along south-west site boundary adjoining neighbouring residential estate,

e) Carry out the required demolition of the prefabricated structures on site in a phased manner relate

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Wilton Park House

Plans Applied

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