A 10 year permission for development to allow for further progressive replacement of fossil fuels with lower carbon alternative fuels and to allow for the use of alternative raw materials in their Cement Works. To facilitate the on-site handling, storage, and introduction of the alternative fuels and alternative raw materials it is proposed to construct: a proposed extension to the existing Kiln 3 fine solids storage building (gross floor area of 489.72sq.m; maximum height 15.91m.), with truck unloading station and connecting covered bridge over; 3no. proposed pumpable fluids storage and handling tanks for Kiln 2 and Kiln 3 (comprising 2no. tanks of 8.243m. diameter and 1no. tank of 5.00m. diameter; all tanks of maximum height 9.025m.), which are located within a concrete bunded area of c.21.064m. by 36.467m. by 2.0m. high; a proposed fine solids storage building for Kiln 2 (gross floor area of 2,517.46sq.m.; maximum height 8.15m.); a proposed fine solids introduction and metering building for Kiln 2 (gross floor area 44.66sq.m.; maximum height 2.80m. c.202.00cu.m.); with 2no. associated truck offloading stations (3.978m. by 7.501m. by maximum height 5.382m.) and associated conveyor; a proposed coarse solids offloading, buffer storage and conveying building for Kiln 2 (gross floor area of 287.10sq.m.; maximum height 30.50m.); with a proposed transfer station (gross floor area of 46.75sq.m.; maximum height 38.50m.) and associated conveyors; a proposed coarse solids storage and handling building for Kiln 2 and Kiln 3 (gross floor area of 4,875.00sq.m.; maximum height 12.15m.); a proposed coarse solids conveying building for Kiln 3 (gross floor area 287.10sq.m.; maximum height 30.50m.) and associated conveyor; 2no. proposed silos for storage and introduction of free-flowing solids for Kiln 2 (5.5m. diameter; maximum height 26.25m.; 254.34cu.m); 2no. proposed silos for storage and introduction of free-flowing solids for Kiln 3 (5.5m. diameter; maximum height 26.223m.; 254.34cu.m.); a proposed alternative raw materials storage building (gross floor area of 2,852.54sq.m.; maximum height 14.30.); a proposed bypass filter for Kiln 2, comprising a bag filter (c.15.672m. by 8.980m. by 21.45m. high) and a cooling tower (c.5.60m. diameter by maximum height of 46.044m.), with truck loading point; 3no. fire-water retention tanks (9.6m. by 9.6m. external; maximum height 26.764m.) etc. An Environmental Impact Statement has been submitted as part of the application.

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