Permission for a vehicle sales development consisting of 1 no. single storey (double height, overall floor to ceiling height 11.566 metres) vehicle sales showroom (460 sq.m. GFA); 1 no. enclosed car display lift (46 sq.m. GFA, overall floor to ceiling height 13.73 metres); 1 no. 2 storey commercial building (353 sq.m. overall GFA, overall floor to ceiling height 6.825 metres) comprising 1 no. ground floor retail unit (103 sq.m. GFA), 1 no. ground floor café/restaurant (103 sq.m GFA) and 1 no. commercial suite (81 sq.m GFA) at first floor level with a terrace on all elevations; 1 no. single car display unit (24 sq.m GFA.); signage (mounted on building and free-standing ), car and bicycle parking, new vehicular and pedestrian gated entrances to adjoining roads to the north and east; 1 no. ESB kiosk and all associated engineering (including provision of new surface and foul water mains), landscaping, boundary treatment and ancillary site development works to facilitate the proposed development.

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Lands adjacent to Auburn Lodge

Plans Refused

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