Permission for: Block F3 – proposed 5 storey office block, with setbacks on Cherrywood Avenue (west elevation) and overlooking the park (south elevation), over 3 levels of basement car parking and all associated ancillary accommodation (7,886 sqm) gross floor area) with a maximum height of 19.5m, screened roof plant areas, landscaped roof terrace and 2 no. external terraces on the south (3rd floor) and west elevation (4th floor).

This building is south of permitted Blocks F1 and F2 (Reg. Ref. DZ17A/0122). The demolition of existing main entrance ramp to the basement of Block F, podium structures and as build car park at basement level -1 adjoining this ramp and the construction of a 3 level basement car park to include 367 car parking spaces, 26 motorcycle parking spaces, 42 cycle parking spaces (an additional 106 surface cycle parking spaces are proposed), ancillary accommodation areas, plant, storage and staff facilities (903 sqm gross floor area). The proposed car park is an extension of the basement car park of Blocks F1 and F2 (permitted under Reg. Ref. DZ17A/0122).

The proposed basement includes one new main access/egress ramp to the basement car park of Blocks F1, F2 and F3 from the existing roundabout on Cherrywood Avenue (Junction 1) (upgrade of this junction has been permitted under DZ17A/0862), with permission now sought to realign the arm of the roundabout providing access to the basement car park. This proposed main access/egress ramp will also include a new access/egress to Block G/G2 at basement level -1. Revisions/modifications to the basement areas of permitted Blocks F1 and F2 (permitted under Reg. Ref. DZ17A/0122) including changes to the permitted parking layout and quantums (permitted parking spaces included 339 car, 14 motorcycle and 88 cycle), changes to ancillary accommodation areas, plant storage and staff facilities.

The overall basement car park (permitted and proposed) will provide a total of 658 car parking spaces, 40 motorcycle parking spaces, 130 cycle parking spaces and 2,822 sqm ancillary accommodation. The removal of the temporary surface ramp an access road to Block G/G2, located south of Block G/G2 but excluding the section of this road recently permitted under DZ17A/0731 to serve the permitted Block G3 and the closure of the existing basement car park entrance to the rear of Block G. This is facilitated by the new main access/egress link to the basement car park of Block G/G2 proposed above. Minor revisions to the parking and circulation layout of Block G are proposed to accommodate the revised access arrangements (net loss of 6 car parking spaces).

Creation of a linear park to the east and south of Block F3 including landscape grading, planting and habitat creation with pedestrian and cyclist routes connecting the permitted Blocks F1, F2 and proposed Block F3 with the pond and other office and retail buildings to the north and the wider Cherrywood area. Permission is also sought for all associated site and development works including 106 surface cycle parking spaces (the combined number of surface cycle spaces for Blocks F1, F2 and F3 is 120 spaces), revisions to permitted parking loading bay on Cherrywood Avenue to provide 2 no. wheelchair accessible spaces, public plaza, hard and soft landscaping works, public lighting, re-positioning of the electricity substation (permitted under Reg. Ref. DZ17A/0122) from podium to basement level -1 and provision of additional substation (total area 130 sqm) and surface water attenuation proposals including a connection to Pond 4 (as per the proposals permitted for Blocks F1 and F2 under Reg. Ref. DZ17A/0122.

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Cherrywood Business Park (Lands Including & Adjoining Former Block F

Plans Granted

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