Strategic Housing Development

13 April 2021 Scheme granted permission by ABP subject to conditions including a reduction in the number of permitted rooms from 321 to 297.

Alterations to previously permitted Reg. Ref.: 2628/17 and ABP-300241-18 to now provide 321 no. Build to Rent shared accommodation bed spaces and associated site works.

The proposed development consists of alterations to the permitted development, as permitted under DCC Reg. Ref.: 2628/17, ABP Reg. Ref.: ABP-300241-17, which included student accommodation, to now consist of the development of Build To Rent Shared Accommodation and other minor alterations to the permitted development. The proposed alterations include:

? Alteration to the permitted 341 bed student accommodation scheme, in permitted Blocks A and B, to accommodate a 321 bed shared accommodation scheme. This alteration includes a reconfiguration of the two number student accommodation blocks as follows:
o Omission of the permitted basement of the permitted student accommodation
o Alteration of the permitted Ground, First and Second Floor spaces to contain 518 sq.m Communal Amenity Space, Reception, Waste Storage, Bikes Store, Plant, Laundry Facilities, Storage, and Office Space associated with the Shared Accommodation.
o Alteration of the permitted third to seventh floors from 341 student bedspaces, set out in clusters, to 321 shared accommodation bedspaces, set out in 303 single occupancy units and 4 cluster units containing a total of 18 bedspaces.
o Introduction of c.1,130 sq.m of shared amenity spaces to include kitchen and living areas, dispersed across the third to seventh floors.
o Introduction of external roof terraces in both blocks on the sixth floor fronting on to Phibsborough Road with a combined total of c. 156sq.m, introduction of roof terraces centrally located at seventh floor in both blocks to provide a total of c.256 sq.m communal amenity space, and redesign of permitted external central amenity spaces located at second floor.
Increase in height of the permitted building by c. 2m to allow for raised ground level. There are no additional floors proposed. The width of the accommodation blocks have also increased by c. 2m to allow for larger bedrooms.
Overall increase in floorspace of c.1,079 sq.m from c.11,156 sq.m permitted to c.12,235sq. m.
Minor alterations to the permitted civic plaza as a result of proposed raised ground level- this includes removal of permitted steps as conditioned by An Bord Pleanala under Condition 4 of ABP-300241-17.
Alterations to permitted Units A1 and A2, onto the civic plaza, as a result of the alterations to the accommodation blocks. These alterations result in an increase in retail area of Unit A1 from c.662 sq.m to c.747 sq.m, and a reduction in restaurant/café area of Unit A2 from c.511 sq.m to c.370 sq.m. Overall reduction in
retail/restaurant/café space of c.110 sq.m in Blocks A and B.
? Alterations to Block C, to the south of the plaza, and a subsequent reduction in Restaurant/Cafe Unit A4 of c.16 sq.m and permitted Office Floorspace of c.61 sq.m as a result of minor setback of the building at ground and first floor levels.
? Alterations to the permitted amendments to the existing Shopping Centre to include:
o It is proposed to retain part of Unit 1 (previously permitted to be demolished) to facilitate the retention of the rooftop parking. This unit, when amalgamated with Unit 2 results in a minor increase of c.63sq.m.
o Removal of the permitted new staircase from ground level to first floor level serving both the existing car park and the existing office tower. It is proposed to retain this space, Retail Unit 12, as it currently is with a floorspace of c.80sq. m.
? The inclusion of a new sub-station in the permitted Block C (no resulting change in the building footprint or elevations).
? The proposed development of PV panels at roof level of Block A with a total area of c.175 sq.m.
? The proposed alterations also include for resulting alterations to permitted hard and soft landscaping, boundary treatments, signage, façade and all ancillary site and development works.
? Overall increase in floorspace of 998 sq.m from c.22,574 sq.m permitted to c.23,572sq.m.

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