EXT: Permission for development at High Park, Grace Park Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9, a portion of which may become a proposed protected structure, consisting of – The demolition of existing 2 storey derelict building at Martanna House and derelict 1, 2 & 3 storey buildings to the side and rear of the former convent at High Park, Grace Park Road, formerly used for institutional residential & ancillary usage, the redevelopment of the existing site entrance at Martanna House & construction of a new separate entrance at Grace Park Road. The development of 150 apartments including three storey high block A (7 total nos to include 5 nos 2 bedroom apartments & 2 nos 1 bedroom apartments), three storey high Block B (9 total nos to include 6 nos 2 bedroom apartments & 3 no. 1 bedroom apartments), five storey high Block C (55 total nos. to include 20 nos 2 bedroom apartments & 35 nos 1 bedroom apartments), five storey high block D (35 total nos to include 15 nos 2 bedroom apartments & 20 nos 1 bedroom apartments), five storey high block E (44 total nos to include 16 nos 2 bedroom apartments & 28 nos. 1 bedroom apartments) including balconies and 1 no. Day Centre facility located at top of Block E, glazed atrium to Blocks C & D interconnected at ground level and other ancillary site development works, new stairs & lift at south wing of existing Convent building (four storeys high), new single storey glass conservatory connecting the existing Church and Convent building, basement car parking under blocks A & B and blocks C & D to accommodate a total of 168 spaces, cycle parking and bin stores. Redevelopment of the existing former church as a communal facility including the provision of an internal mezzanine structure & site landscaping and parklands, new boundary treatment to Grace Park Road including new railing, walls & gateway & rerouting of existing site infrastructure & drainage.

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