PROTECTED STRUCTURE: The Provost, Fellows, Foundation Scholars and the other members of Board of the College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth near Dublin, College Green, Dublin 2 intend to apply for permission for development at this site, c. 0.35 ha site at Oisin House, 212-213 Pearse Street, Dublin 2 and the Printing House (Protected Structure – Ref. No. 2003) located to the south of Oisin House, within the campus of Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2. The proposed development comprises the following: (i) The demolition of the existing Oisin House (6,396 sq.m gross floor area in 5 no. storeys plus roof plant level over basement), 2 no. later 3 no. storey ancillary extensions (totalling 887.4 sq.m gross floor area) to the Printing House (Protected Structure), existing single storey stores adjacent to the Pearse Street gate of Trinity College (108 sq.m gross floor area) and sundry walls/ gates within the site; (ii) The temporary removal of the Pearse Street gates of Trinity College Dublin (Protected Structure – Ref. No. 2001), including the two piers of the perimeter wall to the east as far as the boundary of Oisin House during the development period. The piers and the gate will be reinstated as existing on completion of the works on the site; (iii) The construction of a stone and granite building with a gross floor area of 13,825.4 sq.m comprising 7 no. storeys above ground level with additional plant spaces enclosed in the roof structure (27.5 m height above ground level or 31.62 m Ordnance Datum) and 2 no. basement levels. The building will include: 278 no. student accommodation bed spaces; ancillary services including laundry, security/ porters office, seminar rooms, common rooms, comms rooms, refuse facilities; a medical facility/ wellness centre (975 sq.m gross floor area); 3 no. ancillary retail service units at ground floor level (totalling 149 sq.m gross floor area); student support services including disability offices, technology assistant offices and an estate management facility including a workshop delivery bay and a goods lift; sports and recreational facilities (1,074 sq.m gross floor area) located at the 2 no. basement levels; 140 no. bicycle parking spaces and 2 no. courtyards one at ground floor level off the street and another at first floor level; (iv) Sundry repairs to the Printing House related to the removal of the Printing House extensions, including works to the roof, repair of timber cornices, the removal of modern render and cleaning of the building, the removal of plaster residue, stone repairs, the reinstatement of glazing to original and altered window opes revealed by the removal of the Printing House extension as well as the external redecoration of the existing window opes. The works to the Printing House will also include the excavation of the original basement at the eastern elevation, the construction of a retaining wall and the provision of railings, the provision of a new door to the north elevation and the reduction of the ground level in front of the southern entrance to uncover/ reinstate the original steps at this location. (v) The change of use of 3 no. existing parking spaces to provide 3 no. disabled parking spaces to the South of the Printing House; (vi) Landscaping including public and private open spaces, foul and surface water sewers, works to the public road subject to agreement with the roads authority and all other associated site services, site infrastructure and site development works.

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Oisin House

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