Construct a significant Expansion of their Milk Processing Facility at Annabella, Mallow, Co. Cork. The Proposed Development consists of:- Alterations to the existing North Entrance / Exit, This Entrance / Exit will accommodate all Vehicles including Heavy Goods Vehicles (H.G.V.)., Alterations to the existing South Entrance/ Exit incorporating the construction of a Central Island. Alterations to the existing North Boundary fence adjoining Lower Beecher Street; Demolition of the following Buildings or Structures and associated services a) Milk Intake Unit; b) Pasteurisation and Separation Building; c) Elevated Tower (Coloured Blue and White), 22.7metres high, over the Engineering Workshop and Stores; d) Single Storey Utility Building; e) 2 Storey Office Building; f)Single Storey Milk Powder Storage Building incorporating elevated Storage Tower, 21.2metres high and Electrical Equipment Rooms and Offices; g) Packaging and Palleting Area Store; h) Security and Weighbridge Control Building and i) Covered Canopied Area North of the Engineering Workshop and Stores and removal of all associated Redundant Tankage. Construction of the following Buildings or structures and associated services;- a) Single Storey part Open sided, roofed, Milk Intake Unit; b) Part Single / Part 2 Storey Pasteurisation and Separation Building; c)Building incorporating a 6 Storey (41.3m) high Spray Dryer Unit housing 2No. Dryers; d) Evaporator Unit Building; e) Single Storey Milk Powder Storage Building; f) Packing and Palletising Area; g) Utility Building; h) 2 Storey Administration Building; i) Single Storey Security Building; j) Single Storey Weighbridge Control Building; k) 2 Surface Level Weighbridges; l)Single Storey Polisher Building; m) Open Sided Single Storey Chemical Intake Bay; n) Single Storey Transformer Building; o)suspended structural steel pipebridges; p) alterations to the 1st Floor Stores of the Engineering Workshop and Stores to form Offices.Provision of the following tankage, height listed in brackets and all services associated with the tankage: 8 No. Raw Milk Storage Tanks (19.9m); 3 No. Cream Storage Tanks(11.4m); 3 No. Pasteurised Milk Storage Tanks (19.9m); 8 No. Vegetable Oil Storage Tanks (15.9m); 2 No. Milk Ingredient Storage Tanks(19.9m); 5 No. Raw Milk Cleaning Tanks (4.6m); 4 No. Pasteuriser Milk Cleaning Tanks (4.6m); 4 No. Pasteurised Milk Cleaning Tanks (4.6m); 3 No. Bulk Chemical Storage Tanks (8.1m); 8 No. Water Condensate Tanks (15.0m); 1 No. Process Water Tank (15.0m); 1 No. Water Storage Tank for Fire Fighting Purposes (15.0m) and 1 No. Diesal Storage Tank (7.2m). Construction of mounded Berms, Boundary Walls, Fencing and all associated landscaping works. Construction of both a 75 space car park incorporating that area occupied by an existing car park, accessed from the West End, Annabella and Internal Roads accessing the site from the North and South Entrances/Exits.

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