10 year permission for development comprising a three storey administration and laboratory building sized 10,200 square metres gross, 17.5 metres high with associated plant and equipment, a four storey car parking structure sized 18,500 square metres gross and 13.2 metres high, to accommodate 800 car parking spaces including spaces displaced by the administration/laboratory (circa 364 no.) and additional spaces required for administration/laboratory personnel, both structures located to the south of the existing facility. The conversion of three temporary contractor related facilities to permanent use; a two storey induction/training centre sized 480 square metres and 7.0 metres high, a single storey facility workshop sized 80 square metres and 3.1 metres high, and a two storey office facility sized 400 square metres and 7.0 metres high. A new two-storey administration facility sized 144 square metres and 7.0 high. The construction of a contractor’s compound with 200 car parking spaces and 2 number temporary two storey office facilities sized in total 2,000 square metres all to the north of the existing facility with a dedicated vehicular entrance off Roche’s Avenue. The works include the diversion of existing high tension electrical cables on site together with one number new steel mast structure 15 metres high and all general ancillary site works including all associated temporary construction related works, pipe bridges yard works and items of plant and equipment, including photo-voltaic cells, and cell structures on the multi storey carpark roof. New site works include the re-configuration of an existing carpark for 150 cars, landscaping, lighting and ancillary items. The works also include new site fencing, landscaping and gates. This application consists of an activity for which a license under Part IV of the Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992 (as amended) is required and full details of the proposed development and its anticipated environmental impacts will be notified to the Environmental Protection Agency. An Environmental Impact Assessment Report and a Natura Impact Assessment accompanies this application

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