For residential development, creche and associated and ancillary site development works including link road on lands comprising 12.443 Ha. bounded by the M4 motorway to the south, Barton Bus depot to the west, Lidl supermarket to the north-west, Carton Court Estate to the north, Greenfield Drive and Maynooth Park to the north east and Griffin Rath Manor to the east. This is a revision to the previously approved development under Reg. Ref. 06/1379 (extended under Reg. Ref. 12/26) and PL09.223355 and will consist of (a) 2 storey creche 552m2, (b) 9 no. 2 bed apartment in a 3 storey block, (c) 17 no. house type A 4 bed, (d) 18 no. house type B 3 bed,(e) 25 no. house type B1 4 bed, (f) 14 no. house type C 4 bed, (g) 35 no. house type D 4 bed, (h) 29 no. house type D1 4 bed, (i) 38 no. house type F 3 bed, (j) 3 no. house type G 4 bed, (k)22 no. house type H 4 bed. Total number of dwellings 210.

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