PROTECTED STRUCTURE: Permission for development for hotel accommodation, bar/restaurant and retail/cafe development on a site measuring 665 sqm. The development will form an operational addition to the permitted Hotel development on lands known as the rear of Nos. 19-22 Aungier Street; No. 40 Bow Lane East; Store A and Store B (also known as Unit 1 and Unit 2) Bow Lane East; No. 12 Bow Lane East; and No. 11 Bow Lane, Dublin 2 as granted permission under DCC Reg. Ref. 2651/08 (ABP Ref. PL29S.231043) as extended by DCC Reg. Ref. 2651/08x/1; DCC Reg. Ref. 3035/15; DCC Reg. Ref.2413/16 and DCC Reg. Ref. 3309/16), which is currently under construction.

The development will consist of: the demolition of extensions to the rear of Nos. 22-24 Aungier Street (160sq m); and the provision of a new-build, part 1.5/part 2 storey over basement bar/restaurant to rear of No. 23 and 24 Aungier Street and No. 40 Bow Lane East comprising basement, ground and first floor (part mezzanine and part double-height space of ground floor) level accommodation (391 sq m) linking into proposed restaurant/bar floor area in Nos. 23 and 24 Aungier Street provided through a connection between No. 23 & 24 at ground floor level

The change of use of part of the ground floor of Nos. 23 Aungier Street and the basement and ground floor of Nos. 24 Aungier Street from retail/non-retail services/storage to bar/restaurant, providing an overall bar/restaurant measuring 700 sq m; the utilisation of the existing basement at No. 22 Aungier Street for hotel/bar/restaurant storage (73 sq m); the utilisation of the existing retail space at ground floor of No. 22 Aungier Street as retail or cafe (32 sq m) and access to the upper floor Hotel accommodation (16 sq m);

The provision of Hotel access at ground floor level of Nos. 23 and 24 Aungier Street to the proposed upper level accommodation (34 sq m); the change of use of No. 23 Aungier Street from retail to internal guest route for Hotel residents linking to the Hotel under construction (34 sq m); and the change of use of residential accommodation and vacant floorspace to 20 No. hotel suites/bedrooms from first to third floor levels of Nos. 22-24 Aungier Street, ranging in size from 15.8 sq m to 40.1 sq m.

The development will also consist of: lowering the basement floor of No. 24 Aungier Street; the connection of the basement of No. 24 into the new build basement; refurbishment works to the Protected Structures including general internal and external associated works for the repair, maintenance, change of use and upgrading of the buildings; new and upgraded shopfronts for Nos. 22-24 Aungier Street; the provision of an external terrace for the proposed bar/restaurant; a bin store; plant; landscaping; signage; the provision of a new sliding gate at the end of the archway under No. 22 Aungier Street replacing a previous sliding gate; and all other associated site works above and below ground.

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Nos. 22, 23 (Incorporating 23A), And 24 Aungier Street (Protected Structures)

Plans Refused

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