Planning permission on lands located in Ballymun at the site bounded by Balbutcher Lane, Balcurris Road and the R108 (Ballymun Main Street), Ballymun, Dublin 11 and also the Horizons Centre, Balcurris Road, Ballymun, Dublin 11, for: Amendments to the mixed-use development, granted planning permission under PA Ref: 3960/17. The amendments relate to the food store and office portion (Block 3) of the overall development. The numbered amendments below cross reference to the submitted plans. Amendments to BLOCK 3: (1) Trolley shelter is repositioned within the car park; (2) Electric Vehicle Parking Spaces are added to the car park; (3) Overall parking numbers reduce from 127 to 120 spaces to account for movement of trolley bay and inclusion of parent and child and disabled parking spaces; (4) The inclusion of new external Air Conditioning compound (AC) of 50 sqms to service the supermarket; (5) The inclusion of a new AC compound to service the offices of 15 sqms; (6) Permitted void over ground floor entrance lobby to be removed increasing the first floor area to circa 710 sqms; (7) Addition of lobbies to comply with Fire Safety requirements; (8) Additional glass spandrels added at first and proposed new second floor in office portion of the development with a GFA of 710 sqms; (9) Soffit level lowered on east elevation; (10) Window removed at ground floor level of south elevation; (11) Extent of screen mesh reduced on the north elevation; (12) Additional windows added on west elevation to allow for the new second floor of offices; (13) Gable end of food store amended to follow the slope of the roof; (14) Metal cladding replaced with render finish in grey. The total proposed office space would be 1,420 sqms. The total GFA of Block 3 (excluding the external plant areas noted above) increases from 3,293sqms to circa 4,007 sqms.

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Lands Located in Ballymun at the site bounded by Balbutcher Lane, Balcurris Road & the R108

Plans Granted

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