Approx 1000m² 2 storey over existing ground floor extension to the existing OPD. The works involve constructing a two storey-steel framed extension over the existing ground floor live OPD. The frame of the proposed extension will involve the construction and integration of steelwork lattices & girders, erected over the existing OPD and founded in new piled foundations within and external to the footprint of the existing ground floor OPD. The works will include the full fit out of the new extension with typical hospital finishes for clinical & non-clinical rooms. The works will also include M&E, lifts, steelwork and specialist piling installations as specialist sub-contracts. The ground floor OPD will be live throughout the works. The steel frame will be built over the ground floor and the void between the existing roof and the proposed 1st floor of the extension will form a new serviceable plant area to serve the extension. A new one storey 40m² Radiology Unit is proposed as part of the works. The unit is to be located at Nerneys Court at the SW end of the existing TSCUH OPD and next to the two storey outbuildings at the back of the main TSCUH.A specialist supplier will be novated to the main contract. A separate tender for the specialist equipment TBC. The steelwork extension of the OPD will have piled foundations (some of which will be installed as part of a separate enabling works package). These will be formed within & immediately to the exterior of the ground floor OPD. The project will be phased – working within live acute hospital departments adjacent to and over emergency access routes. The site is located within a confined area which is heavily trafficked with both staff, public and emergency vehicles. The works will also require craneage. Extensive restrictions on working hours, working methods, noise pollution, timing and location of deliveries, dust control will be required.

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