The works shall comprise the following: Services Infrastructure & Plant Replace Defective AOV on main concourse. Block (A): Replacement of existing light fittings with LED fittings to be supplied by the Employer. Alterations to fire hydrants throughout campus. Replace main fire alarm panel to Block (M) and upgrade to open protocol. Replace main heating pumps and electrical board. Block (E): Internal Upgrades & Refurbishment. Redecoration of Library Seminar Rooms & Sundry areas, A0004, A0005 and A0006. Block (A); B1085 – Block (B); Concourse, E0011 & E0017- Block (E) Hand rail incorporating safety lighting to lecture theatres in Blocks (A&E) Minor reinstatement works to Blocks (K&L). Remedial works to Basketball Frames in Block (P). External and Roof Works. Provide Safe Means of Access to Block (E) roof fans. Asphalt roof repairs Block. (P) Overcladding of roof to F0001 – Block (F)External redecoration works to Block (G), Block (H), and Blocks (A&E) plantrooms.

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