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Client Interview – Proline Architectural Hardware

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Interview with Michelle Barrett

How do Proline hardware specialise for the Irish construction sector?

Proline Architectural Hardware has been in business for 14 years and have grown to become one of
the leading companies for the supply of ironmongery into various construction projects.

We have a brand new showroom and display area for clients to visit and select from and we offer a
full scheduling service for all projects.

We are main agents for the following Brands within the Ironmongery Market:

• Arrone Commercial and Domestic Ironmongery – www.Hoppe.com
• JNF – Modern Designer Ironmongery – www.JNF.pt
• Heritage Brass and Sorrento- www.m-marcus.com
• From the Anvil – www.fromtheanvil.co.uk
• Argenta Invisidor Frames – www.argentalu.com
• Ermetika Pocket Door Sliding Systems – www.ermetika.it

What other services do Proline provide?

We also provide a design solution for architects, interior designers and specifiers on
their ironmongery requirements which include:

• Ironmongery Scheduling Service
• Invisible Door Solutions
• Access Control Solutions
• Door & Window Hardware
• Glass Door Solutions
• Mailbox Systems
• Intumescent & Fire Stopping Solutions
• Joinery, Airtightness Products plus many more

What recent projects have you been involved in?

Some examples of finished contract projects are:

Project Contractor
St Aidan’s Social Housing Project in Tallaght John Sisk & Sons
Royal College of Surgeon’s Stephen’s Green Bennett Construction
Honey Park / Cualanor / Leona / Charlotte Cosgrave Developments
Cleye Farm Park Developments
Google Commercial Buildings – various Structuretone
Diswellstown Housing and Apartments Park Developments
Frascatti Centre Collen Construction
Knocknacarra School Stewart Construction


You have been subscribed to BuildingInfo for some time now – has it been
beneficial to date?

Definitely 100% – The www.buildinginfo.com website is extremely important to us, as it helps to
identify projects of interest in an easy and timely manner. It also boasts a fantastic user friendly
platform and the email alerts keep us to date on important project commencements.

www.prolinehardware.com | +353 1 453 6633 

Client Interview: GlenVac Central Vacuum Systems

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Interview with Owen McNamee, Director


How do GlenVac specialise for the Irish construction sector?

Glenvac are the primary supplier and installers of Husky™ built in Central Vacuum Systems throughout Ireland and with over 20 years of experience, provide an unparalleled level of expertise and service.

We have completed in excess of 10 thousand central vac systems in Ireland for private houses all over Ireland in the past twenty years.

Husky™ offers the widest choice of central vacuum systems in Ireland on the market, including disposable bag vacuum systems, hybrid cyclonic, wet and dry, and H2O models.

They can be installed in new or existing homes or commercial premises and can cover up to 10,000ft² (1,000m²).

Fig. 1 – Central Vacuum product selection

Fig. 1 – Central Vacuum product selection

What other services to Glenvac provide?

In today’s energy conscious world, the regulation of thermal performance of buildings has created a need for more efficient ventilation systems to minimise heat loss and unnecessary energy consumption.

To meet this demand, GlenVac now offer a Heat Recovery Ventilation System (HRV) which provide contact controlled ventilation to homes without creating cold draughts or increasing the heat loss normally caused by ventilation.

This system is complemented by an innovative air distribution system made up of semi-circular ducting that is both compact and easy to install, bringing savings in space and time spent on-site.

Fig. 2 - HRV System

Fig. 2 – HRV System

Heat Recovery Ventilation extracts warm moist air from rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens and uses the heat of this stale air to warm the cooler fresh air from outside. This warmed fresh air is then supplied into living rooms and bedrooms. To learn more watch this short video.

Glenvac supply and install Heat Recovery Ventilation systems throughout Ireland for both domestic homes and commercial buildings. A system can be installed within 2-5 days for an average sized domestic dwelling and prices start from £2500.

Typical payback for the Heat Recovery Ventilation systems range from 7-10 years, however there are many health benefits as the system contributes to a much healthier living environment.

What recent projects have you been involved in?

As well as many thousands of private dwellings, we also have completed and installed Vacuum and Ventilation systems in:

– Westerna Arms Hotel, Monaghan
– Railway Village Residential Development, Louth
– Nuremore Hotel, Monaghan
– Funtasia, Drogheda
– Darver Castle, Monaghan

You have been subscribed to BuildingInfo for some time now – has it been beneficial to date?

Absolutely – The BuildingInfo website has become crucial in helping us to identify projects of interest in an easy and timely manner. It boasts a really user friendly platform and the email alerts keep us to date on important project commencements.


Details on Glenvac range of services, products and expertise can be found on their website.

Call Owen McNamee on +353 (0)87 9459214 or email for further details.


Client Interview – Cronin Movers Group

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Interview with Alan Jordan, Project Manager, Cronin Movers Group

Cronin Movers


How important is the construction sector for your business?

The heavy lift division of Cronin Movers relies heavily on the construction sector. Our team are very ‘solutions focused’ and many of the jobs we undertake in this sector come from the daily question raised on a construction site “how do we move that from there to there?’. We have a great range of heavy lifting kit to undertake small and mid-size jobs and given the depth of our team, can respond quickly to the requests of engineers and site managers. As one site manager said recently ‘you’re like yer man James Taylor’ before singing “I just call out your name and I know wherever you are, you’ll come running….”


Do you specialise in any way for the Irish construction sector?

We’ve built a reputation for moving heavy intricate materials that include the likes of The Christ the King Statue which we moved from Dun Laoghaire Park to make way for the building of the new library https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cf86_-xIPgE, and Industrial generator moving and electrical system installs for Stewart Construction on-site at the newly built section of Beaumont Hospital.

The reputation we have gained is due to the care we bring to our work, but the reality is that we bring that care to every project. Up to 20 tonne is where we shine, but are happy to manage any size project given our alliance with many international providers of heavy lift equipment to fulfil client needs. We’re very conscious of health/safety and compliance issues and this is very much part of our internal value system and culture.


We read about so many large projects being completed, large data centres for example, are there any similar projects that you have been involved in recently?

It’s been fantastic to see the Irish construction sector start to flourish again on the back of many hard years for the industry. Thankfully, our historical reputation and excellence in delivery saw us through the down turn and we’re starting to see significant increases in demand for our services in the past twelve months. We are currently involved with the new €200m Facebook Data centre development in Clonee, Co. Meath, providing technical machine moving, and office relocation requirements. We are also involved in the €11m development for RCSI Education and Research Centre at Beaumont Hospital.


About Cronin Movers Group

Whether You Are Moving A Pencil Or A Transformer Cronin Movers Can Help.

Service, transparency and a focus on excellence is deep within their ethos. Having invested significantly in their team and infrastructure they are proud of the work they produce on behalf of their many clients across the Irish marketplace. Ongoing training supports their philosophy of ensuring they remain as the go-to company in Ireland for Office Moving, Heavy Lift Relocation Engineering and Focused Logistics.

Established in 1988, they bring a wealth of experience and expertise supported by a rigorous process around project management. Their ISO Certification and engagement with global bodies responsible for guiding health & safety policy, supported by their engagement with industry allows us to provide excellence in all that they do.


Office Moving Heavy Lift Logistics


More info on www.croninmovers.com 

Client Interview – Manley Construction

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Interview with Karen Muldowney, Business Development and Marketing Manager




Photo 1 - IIS Training Facility

Photo 1 – IIS Training Facility


How do Manley Construction specialise for the Irish construction sector?

Working across the public and private sector, Manley Construction are an award-winning medium-sized Main Contractor, operating nationally in both Ireland and the UK. We have been in business over 30 years and have through our experience delivered numerous prestigious projects over a vast array of sectors including Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Healthcare, Educational, Leisure and Residential. 


Photo 2-Holbrook Community Renewable Energy Centre, Sheffield

Photo 2 – Holbrook Community Renewable Energy Centre, Sheffield


What makes Manley Construction unique?

Manley Construction’s strategic capabilities are based on an excellent culture, resources and competencies along with:

• Our ability to supply timber frame into the residential market
• Our ability to be competitive and deliver “Best Value” to each client based on operational excellence
• Having a fully integrated QMS system
• Being financially viable
• Having a strong history built on solid foundations
• The calibre and experience of the Management and Project teams
• Having a repeat client base
• Having a strong supply chain
• Being experienced across multiple sectors
• Having strong values and a commitment to all people


Photo 3 - Haddington Road Primary School

Photo 3 – Haddington Road Primary School


What are the challenges facing your industry?  

There are many challenges facing the construction industry. We are still unsure of the repercussions and effects that BREXIT will have, indeed this could be a huge opportunity with FDI companies coming to Ireland.  Currently the rising costs of labour and material will always impact on pricing works, having the lowest costs in construction is a challenge if you want to offer the best service to your clients. As the market is growing, the changes within the workplace will have an impact on retaining staff. However, creating an enjoyable environment and behaving as an employer of choice should help, along with engaging with your supply chain should both lead to improved business outcomes. 


Photo 4-Rochestown House

Photo 4 – Rochestown House


What recent projects have you been involved in? 

We are currently working on some really exciting projects such as Haddington Road National School, Ratoath College Extension, Franklin House on Pembroke Road, a residential development at Avourwen, Drogheda, Co Louth, Buvinda House which is going to be Meath County Councils new HQ and Nenagh Hospital Extension to name just a few.  We have recently completed sites such as the Irish Institute of Sports, Warwick University, Scoil Lorcan, St Ita’s Hospital Portrane which included the refurbishment and fit out, as well as 34 houses at Rochestown House which is the largest passive housing scheme in Ireland to date.


Photo 5- Scoil Lorcáin

Photo 5- Scoil Lorcáin


How optimistic are you going into 2017?

The market has shown great improvement and we remain extremely optimistic about 2017 and the opportunities for Manley Construction. We have a fantastic team around us which will drive us on in our strategic plan of becoming the number one medium sized construction company in Ireland, along with having a significant presence within the UK market (North East of England).


Photo 6 - University of Warwick

Photo 6 – University of Warwick

You’ve recently subscribed to BuildingInfo – has it been beneficial to date?

We are finding BuildingInfo really good.  It’s very user friendly.  I think it’s very up to date and reasonable priced with good back office support.  

Client Profile – Booth Concrete

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Interview with Peter Booth, Managing Director of Booth Concrete & Booth Precast Products Ltd in Abbeyleix, Co. Laois, one of Ireland’s largest family owned and managed concrete producers.


Booth Concrete Booth Concrete


How do Booth Concrete specialise for the Irish Construction sector?

As a well-established concrete & precast company, operating since 1997, we offer a wide range of products to meet the demands of the Irish Construction Industry.

From readymix concrete to sand, from kerb stones to chimney systems, we can cater for any construction project, whether it be commercial or residential.

Booth Concrete

Precast Floors being placed


What products of yours are you most proud of?

While I am of course proud of all our products, there are two that I am very excited about going forward.

Our fully insulated precast flooring system is going extremely well. It is a fantastic product having many advantages over the traditional timber joists: sound proofing, insulation and perhaps most importantly, fire proofing. Our flooring systems make for a warmer, safer home.

However, it is our chimney system that I am most optimistic about. It really is a great product and we are getting great feedback from our customers. We have provided quite substantial housing developments all over the country with our chimney systems and we have many more ordered for 2017.

The system is designed to speed up construction especially in timber-frame housing. We have worked with companies such as Ballymore Homes, M.A. Ryan and Diamond Homes.

Booth Concrete

Precast Floors being placed


The construction industry is emerging from a sustained period of contraction. Where are the growth areas for your business? 

We have seen a steady rise in activity in all areas to be honest. It is true that growth in the midlands has been considerably slower than that inside Dublin but the signs in the last 12 months are promising.

We are providing blocks, concrete and floors for a lot of self-build houses in our locality along with larger developments such as schools and nursing homes. We are currently supplying to Clancy Construction on a new school in Portlaoise. It’s great to see the construction industry flourishing in the midlands once again as I believe it was one of the regions worst hit by the recession.

What are the challenges facing your industry?

Just like everyone else in the country, we are having to cope with rising insurance premiums. While a lot of the public attention is on private car insurance premiums, I feel that commercial motor insurance is something that our government need to act upon before it becomes too expensive for small businesses to operate.

Also, planning laws are making it very difficult to secure natural resources such as sand and gravel. The local authorities don’t appear to appreciate the importance of these resources to the National Development Plan.


Booth concrete

Chimney System (Interior)

Booth concrete

Chimney System (Exterior)


What recent projects have you been involved in?

As I mentioned before we are currently supplying the blocks for a large school in Portlaoise. We have also supplied 2 levels of precast flooring to a nursing home in Naas, Co. Kildare and chimney systems to large residential developments in Portmarnock, Waterford, Limerick and Cork.

Booth concrete

Precast Products/Block Truck

Booth concrete

Readymix Truck


How optimistic are you going into 2017?

I am very optimistic, especially with our chimney and flooring systems. A lot of interest has been shown and we already have orders for over 100 chimney systems for the first few months of 2017.

I also feel that our reputation as providers of top quality concrete products is growing, not only in our locality, but nationwide, and I feel that puts us in a great position going forward.

You’ve recently subscribed to Building Info – has it been beneficial to date?

It really has. It is great resource for our sales reps. It allows all of us to coordinate with each other, wherever we are in the country. It has great features such as reminders and alerts for commencing projects. It really is a fantastic product. Information is key, and Building Info keeps our sales personnel up to date on what’s going on.

McKeon Group – Client Profile

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Interview with Paul McKenna – McKeon Group

McKeon Group are multidisciplinary contractors offering Construction, Electrical, Mechanical and Technology services throughout Ireland. Founded in 1950 as a sole trader, the group has grown to become a leading player in the Irish construction and services industry.

McKeon Group Logo

How do McKeon Group specialise for the Irish construction sector?

McKeon Group specialise in commercial fit outs and refurbishments, design and build projects, public works contracts as well as high end domestic developments.

With four independently managed divisions our trade and engineering teams are specialised across Construction, Electrical, Mechanical and Technology services. Each division is equipped to operate as a principle contractor, offering our clients support from the wider company skillset and resource pool – delivering a complete building solution.

What makes McKeon Group unique?

There are four key things that make us stand out in the market – our experience, our complete range of services, our people and our attitude.

Our Experience – is a great asset to us. We’ve been around since 1950 so our clients benefit from over 65 years of expertise the industry.

Our complete range of services – Our interrelated disciplines mean we offer a complete building solution to clients. We are one of few contractors who can offer construction, mechanical, electrical and technology under the one roof. Our clients benefit from having only one point of contact throughout projects and it allows us to deliver greater efficiencies and significant cost savings.

Our People – McKeon Group prides itself on its exceptional staff from Senior Management to its own onsite staff. Our people have been integral to our success and growth over the past 65 years – driving the ever evolving processes and systems to ensure quality, efficiency and performance.

We often have clients commenting that it is refreshing to deal with a contractor that retains the “traditional expert resources of a construction company”. By having an in-house pool of dedicated and experienced Engineers, Technical, Trade and Site Staff, complimented by a very experienced Senior Management team who have worked their way up through the ranks, we can guarantee the quality of our projects.

Our Attitude – We work with clients as a partner incorporating our ethos of being open, honest and fair on every project. We have a strong industry reputation amongst all stakeholders for professionalism, quality and value for money.

McKeon Group Head Office

McKeon Group Head Office – Ashbourne

Do the divisions operate independently of one another?

Yes and no, it’s important to understand that each division is tasked with operating in its own right whilst supporting group projects. A substantial number of contracts undertaken by the Mechanical, Electrical and Technology divisions are in fact for other construction companies or client contracted, with no involvement from any of the divisions other than shared expertise.

In fact, it’s often the case that the construction division is working in partnership with nominated or client contracted mechanical and electrical engineering firms, but as you can imagine it helps the group management team to have an in house engineer that can support those specialist elements of the project as required.    

The Technology Division?

That’s a broad term alright, for good reason. Established in 2007 the brainchild of our Managing Director a telecommunications engineer himself, the technology division was created at a time when diversification was seen as key to business growth. McKeon Group have always been early adopters of technology so this was a natural progression for us. 

The Technology Division provide design and installation services in the following fields: Integrated Telecommunication Systems and Infrastructure, Audio Visual, Building Automation and, Fixed and Wireless Network Systems. In particular, we are seeing a huge take up for our audio visual “learning aid” systems in the educational sector at the moment, which is great to see. Interactive presentations used to engage an audience need no longer be the preserve of the boardroom.

As the importance of technology reaches further into each aspect of our own lives, we too see that the Technology Division is becoming more and more involved in so many of our own projects to provide that final interface between hardware and user.     

Fingal County Council - Building Upgrade

Fingal County Council – Building Upgrade

What recent projects have you been involved in? 

We have a diverse client list from GE, IBM, Google, OPW, Fingal County Council, Dublin City University, Keelings and the HSE to name a few. Recent projects over the last couple of years have included Tyrone Court consisting of 123 apartments, IBIS Hotel upgrade in Clondalkin, Innovation House fit out in DCU, Fingal County Council Chamber building upgrade, INTREO Office and Malahide Castle refurbishments, Flight Center Office fit out and a large Audio Visual roll-out in DCU.


Innovation House

Innovation House – Fit Out

What does the future hold for McKeon Group?

Goals for the future include substantial growth and expansion. We want to build on the number of multi-million projects we undertake, while retaining our smaller projects. We have come out of the leaner years and we want to expand again. We have just moved our head office into a new purpose built facility in Ashbourne to cater for our expanded team.

Our early years were built on spotting opportunities that other contractors of our size didn’t see and capitalising on them. We plan on continuing that tradition as we grow. It is wonderful to see the economy accelerating again and McKeon Group intend on being part it. We have a number of large projects underway and in the pipeline for the rest of 2016.

You’ve recently subscribed to Building Info – has it been beneficial to date?

Most definitely, BuildingInfo allows us to reach out to our client base for specific projects they have in their pipeline, to build new relationships and to keep us abreast of the growing market trends. 


Details on McKeon Group’s full range of services as well as their portfolio of completed projects can be found on their website – www.mckeon.ie

Call on 01 8402116 or contact Paul McKenna at paul.mckenna@mckeon.ie

Inksplash Cre8tive Workspaces – Client Profile

By | Industry News

Interview with Darren Cox and Frank Smith, Inksplash Cre8tive Workspaces

Cre8tive workspace logo

In this profile piece Darren Cox and Frank Smith provide an overview of the services their company (Cre8tive Workspace) provides to the construction sector. Working closely with Architects, Contractors and Interior Designers, Cre8tive Workspace offer unique and creative design solutions to new office developments, refurbishments and fit-outs.

Inksplash Creative Branding

Tell me how are your services used within the construction sector?

Our services are used by the following:

Contractors, that glaze and furnish new and refurbished office fit-outs.
Various tenants, landlords, and management agencies looking to provide frosted window manifestations, wall graphics, and general signage during building upgrades.
A0 prints of technical drawings.

In which project categories do you specialise?

Graphics for office fit-outs including Wall Graphics, Window Graphics, Window Frosting, Acrylic wall plaques, Way-finding signs, Exterior signage.
Graphics and signage for office refurbishments.
Graphics and signage for Retail fit-outs.
Hoarding graphics around new developments.
Virtual Shop-front window graphics.

indow Frosting - TDS Fit Out

Fig 1 – Window Frosting at TDS Office Fitout

Name some recent projects in which Cre8tive Workspace been involved?

Some of the projects we have been involved in include:

Graphics and signage for TDS new office fitout at Citywest.
Graphics and signage for Kantar Media new office fitout at Eastpoint Business Park.
Ireland’s largest wall graphic (30m height) at new Deutsche Bank HQ, East Point Business Park.
Graphics and signage for Equifax new office fitout at Grand Canal .
Graphics and signage for Coronation Fund Managers new office fitout at Grand Canal.
Graphics and signage for Sysnet new office fitout at Carrickmines.
Maynooth University Campus expansion, wall graphics in new extension.
Re-brand Blanchardstown Shopping Centre with new logo to all areas of Shopping Centre.
Built new websites for Airside Retail Park, and The Park Retail Centre Carrickmines.
Glass manifestations at the new refurbishment / extension to the Four Courts in Dublin.

Wall Graphics

Fig 2 – Wall Graphics

Many offices now incorporate areas for group work and collaboration, how are you tapping into this trend?

We have installed wall and glass manifestations in many collaboration work areas that have helped create a working environment that looks great, motivates, and inspires.

As the construction industry re-emerges I have noticed a lot of businesses re-branding and repositioning, is this something that Inksplash can assist with?

At Inksplash / Cre8tive Web we are an ideal partner to assist any business looking to rebrand or reposition due to our vast experience in this field, and the fact that we have full control of the manufacture process at our state of the art facility in Carrickmines, Dublin 18, and with our highly skilled experienced workforce. We can also offer a full branding package as we print everything in house, from a business card to the largest building wraps, and everything in-between

Raised Letters

Fig 3 – Raised Letters

Inksplash Cre8tive Workspace are based in Carrickmines south Co. Dublin and have recently worked some some of Ireland’s largest Contractors, Architects and Interior designers on many prestigious commercial developments.

Further details can be found on Cre8tive Workspace website.

Gredorwood – One of Ireland’s Finest Bespoke Furniture Specialists

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Interview with Garrett Gregan & Diarmuid Doran of Gredorwood


How do Gredorwood specialise for the Irish construction sector?

As a specialist fitted furniture company, Gredorwood offer a comprehensive range of generic and bespoke products and ranges. We cater for our clients needs, ideas and budgets.

The work we carry out includes:

  • Fitted Kitchens
  • Fitted Utility Rooms
  • Fitted & Free Standing Wardrobes
  • Fitted Living Room Units
  • Free Standing Bespoke Furniture 
  • Fitted Under-Stair Storage
  • Wheelchair Accessible Kitchens
  • Furniture Restoration
  • Kitchen Renovation
Gredorwood Shaker Style kitchen

Fig 1 – Painted Grey, Shaker Style Kitchen with solid oak worktop

What makes Gredorwood unique?

Gredorwood is a complete fitted furniture company, from initial plans to final installation. We take care of it all. We work with our clients to meet their needs and provide for them exactly as they require. Every project undertaken, gets the time, effort, dedication and workmanship that it truly deserves. We enjoy our work greatly,always thinking and acting on how we can offer what others can’t.

We never accept anything less than 100% from ourselves. All our materials used are of the highest quality that is on the market.

Gredorwood Blue and White Painted

Fig. 2 – Blue and White Painted Kitchen with Quartz Worktop

The construction industry is emerging from a sustained period of contraction. Where are the growth areas for your business?

The main areas for growth in 2016 will be projects within the construction and private residential sector in Ireland. Construction developments such as houses, apartments, schools or prestige office developments will often require high end fitted furniture with a strong emphasis on the aesthetic as well as the practicality.

Having already delivered top quality fitted furniture to a number of developments and homes over the past two to three years we believe that hard earned experience should be of value when discussing fitted furniture options on new developments.

Gredorwood recent fitted kitchen

Fig. 3 – Recently fitted kitchen on one of Gredorwood sites where they supplied and fitted kitchens and wardrobes

What recent projects have you been involved in?

Over the last couple of years we have been very fortunate to work with extremely good and professional construction companies such as Robeco Construction, RTJ Construction and Mackee Construction. We are proud to say that we supply and fit kitchens, utility rooms and wardrobes for Robeco Construction on their sites in Gorey, Co. Wexford and Wicklow Town. We are also very proud to supply RTJ Construction with their fitted furniture for all of their school developments. Towards the end of 2015 we were very grateful to be enlisted by Mackee Construction to do their fitted furniture in a new Community Centre in Carnew, Co. Wicklow.

While working on all these projects, we also take great pride on making and installing be-spoke kitchens and wardrobes for our many private customers throughout Ireland.

Gredorwood Lime Green Kitchen

Fig. 4 – Lime Green and White Hi-Gloss Kitchen

How optimistic are you going into 2016?

We are very optimistic! We have seen through the number of new enquiries we have had this year that the Irish economy is rebounding strongly. There is a sense of confidence back in the country that has been missed in recent years

You’ve recently subscribed to Building Info – has it been beneficial to date?

Absolutely – BuildingInfo gives us a platform to promote Gredorwood and engage with the construction market. BuildingInfo has given us the opportunity to see new developments that are upcoming and allows us to put our name out there to potential new clients. They have been extremely helpful to us and we very much appreciate their great work.


Details on Gredorwood range of products and expertise can be found on their website.

Call Garrett Gregan (087 6618081) or email / Call Diarmuid Doran (087 2064427) or email

Ventac – Ireland’s Leading Industrial Noise Control Specialists

By | Industry News

Interview with Brian Scully, Business Development Manager

Ventac are Ireland’s leading noise control specialists based in their state of the art laboratory facilties in Blessington Co. Wicklow.

Ventac Industrial Noise Experts


How do Ventac specialise for the Irish construction sector?

As a specialist acoustics company Ventac offer a comprehensive range of generic and bespoke building acoustic solutions which can be used at every stage of any construction project. Our range includes products that successfully reduce impact noise, air noise, structure borne noise, reverberation noise as well as containment of construction noise

·         Acoustic Flooring Products ·         Acoustic Insulation ·         Acoustic Battens
·         Attenuators and Silencers ·         Rigid and Flexible Acoustic Screens ·         Rigid or Flexible Acoustic Enclosures
·         Acoustic Panels – Walls and Ceilings ·         Baffles ·         Acoustic Louvres
·         Anti-Vibration Mounts ·         Flexible Acoustic Jackets
Ventac Acoustic Louvres

Fig. 1 – Ventac Acoustic Louvres

What makes Ventac unique?

Ventac is a complete solution provider to the construction sector for all Acoustic requirements. We design, manufacture and test a full range of bespoke Acoustic solutions. We have one of the most advanced acoustic laboratories in Europe at our headquarters in Blessington.

Our Acoustic Laboratory allows Ventac test and develop components and new products for the Construction market.  So if the requirement is for a bespoke solution, we can fully test and evaluate performance before supply. This approach ensures the customer gets the right solution at the right cost, first time.

Ventac Acoustic Quilts

Fig. 2 – Ventac Acoustic Quilts

The construction industry is emerging from a sustained period of contraction. Where are the growth areas for your business? 

The main areas for growth in 2016 will be projects within the Industrial and commercial sector in Ireland. Commercial developments such as hotels, auditoria, prestige office developments or corporate headquarters will often require high end acoustic treatments with a strong emphasis on the aesthetic.

We also see expansion in the food and dairy business as well as the pharmaceutical manufacturers and our acoustic treatments for air management and plant noise would be employed here. Silencers, attenuators, acoustic louvres or full scale acoustic enclosures for roof mounted services such as AHU’s, and Condenser fans.

The biggest growth area for Ventac over the last 30 months has been the Data Centre developments, where the acoustic treatment for air noise is paramount. Temperature levels and cooling requirements are critical to the running of these centres and that demand produces considerable noise levels.The solutions here require a strong knowledge of acoustics and construction, assembly and wind load calculations, being critical when the sheer size of the screens are considered.

Having already delivered acoustic solutions to a small number of data centres over the past two to three years we believe that hard earned experience should be of value when discussing future treatment options on new developments.

Ventac Pumping Station Housing

Fig. 3 – Ventac Pumping Station Housing

What are the challenges facing your industry?  

I see the challenges for our industry falling under three main areas:  Enforcement of the noise legislation regulations in Ireland. Capital expenditure for noise control in the workplace. Greater understanding of the benefits of noise control strategy.

I believe the new regulations relating to noise have received a mixed response and appear to be somewhat controversial. Care to expand?

Yes the new BS4142 regulation is proving to be somewhat problematic and in many cases is ignored unless enforced by the local authorities.  Its certainly a hot topic both here and the UK with ambiguity in terms of interpretation and enforcements

Ventac Acoustic Enclosure

Fig. 4 – Ventac Acoustic Enclosure

What recent projects have you been involved in? 

Unfortunately, a lot of our larger projects are covered by NDA’s. Suffice to say in the last 18 months we’ve been involved in a number of projects within the commercial sector and the industrial manufacturing sector working with companies such as Cooley Distillery, Arabawn Dairies, Facebook, Baxter Healthcare, Stryker Group, Diageo and North Cork Co-Op.  Our work with ESB and Bord Gais is something we are particularly proud of and is typical of our ongoing collaborative work with local authorities and semi-state organisations.

Ventac Knockraha ESB Project work

Fig. 5 – Ventac Knockraha ESB project work

How optimistic are you going into 2016?

Very optimistic! there are a number of key projects already under way and we see this continuing for 2016. We have seen through the number of new enquiries we have had this year that the Irish economy is rebounding strongly.

You’ve recently subscribed to Building Info – has it been beneficial to date?

Absolutely – BuildingInfo gives us a platform to promote Ventac and engage with the construction market. Our product offering is quite specialised so talking to the right people at the right time in terms of project development and solution options is paramount. BuildingInfo give us that level of information and visibility.


Details on Ventac range of services, products and expertise can be found on their website.

Call Brian Scully 045 851500 or email for further details