Retention permission for (a) demolition of the existing DMR shed, garage,workshop, storage shed and staff facilities building all comprised within the existing waste recycling buildings destroyed by fire damages with a total floor area of 7,265sq.m;.(b) external storage bays located to the south west of the C&D recycling shed, (c) washbay pump shed, diesel tank and fuel pumps to facilitate all operations on site. Full planning permission for reconstruction/reinstatement of all buildings to the waste recycling facility destroyed by fire (as previously constructed under parent planning permission Ref. SD04A/0354 and approved addtional extensions under planning permission Refs. SD05A/0670 & SD07A/0297) comprising of the following elements: (a) a single store DMR recycling shed with proposed alterations to include extension to North West facing elevation with a total overall floor area of 5,988.5sq.m; (b) single storey optional increased extension to the southwest, northwest and northeast facing elevations of the DMR recycling shed with a total overall floor area of 3,003sq.m; (c) single storey garage, workshop, storage sheds with proposed alterations and alternative layouts with an overall total floor area of 1,346sq.m. Full planning permission for the following elements: (a) new two storey DMR control room/services extension building to the North West facing elevation of the DMR shed with a total floor area of 189sq.m; (b) new single storey electrical services building to the southeast of the existing C&D shed with a total floor area of 79sq.m; (c) new two storey staff facilities/ancillary accommodation building with a total floor area of 360sq.m; (d) external storage bays located to the southeast of the C&D recycling shed and external storage areas located to the southwest and northwest of the site; (e) revised security fencing, landscape planting, screening to site boundaries and all associated drainage, services and site works necessary to facilitate the reconstruction of the existing facility. The existing waste recycling facility operates under an EPA Waste License Ref. W208-01.

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Merrywell Industrial Estate

Plans Withdrawn/Invalid

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