COVID-19 update: 5th of May 2020 may see phased re-opening of sites.

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Residential Construction Ireland

Subject to new SOP (Safe Operating Procedure) sign off from the Chief Medical Officer it is hoped that building sites will begin to reopen on the 5th of May.

Sources indicate that top tier construction companies are looking to open sites before the 5th of May to facilitate implementation of new safety protocols prior to selective reopening of sites on the 5th of May. It is envisaged that each of the top tier companies would reopen 2/3 sites each to begin with. Issues such as procedures for managing the safe return of foreign workers still need to be resolved and such delays would see it taking up to 12 weeks to return to full production.

It is likely that smaller sites and subcontractors would begin to re-open thereafter.

Innovative safety measures such as wrist bands that monitor proximity to fellow workers are being mooted as possible aids to social distancing on-site.

More updates as they occur.

Building Information Index 2019 Q1-Q2

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Top Hotel Construction Projects Commenced in 2018

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Hotel Construction projects

Our database contains details on literally hundreds of new Hotel Construction projects.  Our research team track these projects from pre-planning phase right through to site commencement.  We provide our subscribers with key data on the size and scale of each development, including contact details for design teams, engineers and contractors as well as an estimated construction value.  Many of Ireland’s leading suppliers to the Hotel and Hospitality sector rely on to keep their sales and supply pipelines topped up. 

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Below: Top 10 Hotel Construction projects commenced during 2018

ID Description Floor (Sq M) Start Date
75467 €61m Hotel Development in Moss St. Dublin 6 21526 Sq M 28/12/18
102166 €46m Hotel Development in Clonshaugh Rd. Dublin 4 16059 Sq M 10/08/18
91841 €35m Hotel Development in North Wall Dublin 3 12302 Sq M 25/06/18
41937 €33m Hotel Extension in Naas Co. Kildare 11520 Sq M 18/06/18
90183 €33m Hotel Development in Middle Abbey St. Dublin 3 11780 Sq M 13/12/18
62570 €30m Hotel Development in Thomas St. Dublin 8 10610 Sq M 25/12/18
73707 €25m Hotel Construction in Chancery St. Dublin 7 8857 Sq M 09/08/18
85606 €22m Hotel Development in Ormond Quay Dublin 2 7781 Sq M 18/07/18
44030 €18.2m Hotel Development in Shaw St. Dublin 2 6405.7 Sq M 05/10/18
66843 €18m Hotel Development in Bohermore Galway 6310 Sq M 13/12/18

Medical Construction Projects Commenced

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Medical Construction Projects

The table below provides a sample of Medical Construction projects commenced in the last 3 months.  Each of these Medical Construction projects has a construction value of greater than €1 million.  At Building Information Ireland we provide our subscribers with full details on all Medical Construction projects taking place throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Project ID Title Location Start Date
31 €21.9m Nursing Home Project in Co. Dublin Old Ballymun Rd 08/10/18
94766 €11.3m Care Home Development in Co. Dublin Cabra 03/09/18
62734 €11m Care Home Development in Co. Dublin Monastery Park 30/10/18
52756 €6.2m Medical Centre in Co. Cork Inchydoney Rd 28/08/18
91737 €4.3m Care Home Extension in Co. Cork Belgooly 27/08/18
49241 €2m Nursing Home Extension in Co. Wicklow Arklow 31/10/18
98395 €1.3m Dental Surgery Alterations in Co. Limerick Castletroy  04/10/18
85337 €1.1m Care Centre Alterations in Co. Dublin Kilternan  15/08/18
92858 €1.16m Respite Care Centre Alterations in Co. Clare Scarriff 05/10/18

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Construction & Planning Activity – September 2018

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construction information service

Construction & planning activity by sector during September 2018. The table below outlines the volumes of projects either submitted for planning, granted planning permission or commenced construction.

  Applied Granted  Commenced
Agriculture Construction 124 128 31
Commercial Construction 139 133 45
Education Construction 55 35 39
Industrial Construction 84 56 24
Medical Construction 25 20 8
Residential Construction 288 151 48
Social Construction 98 77 19

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Top 10 Construction Projects Commenced – September 2018

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Construction Projects Commenced

ID Title Start Date
102012 €76.5m Housing Development in Co. Meath 24/09/2018
133214 £50m Office Extension in Belfast 01/09/2018
56228  €47m Residential Development in Co. Kildare 17/09/2018
112360 €42m Cairn Homes Residential Development in Co. Dublin 26/09/2018
86840 €29m Office Development in Co.Cork 24/09/2018
99991 €19.8m Gannon Homes Housing Development in Co. Dublin 13/09/2018
74229 €19m Warehouse Construction in Co. Dublin 17/09/2018
88381 €19m Houses Development in Co. Galway 14/09/2018
87149 €17m Aston Housing Development in Co. Laois 07/09/2018
59723 €16m Green REIT Development in Co. Dublin 21/09/2018

At Building Information Ireland we research and publish data on all Construction Projects throughout Ireland.  We cover all sectors and provide our subscribers with accurate information on the size and scale of all construction projects as well as the key contact details of the companies involved. 

Industrial Construction Projects

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The image below shows that almost 300 Industrial Construction Projects have been submitted for planning permission since January 1st 2018.  The largest of these schemes is the €53 million Data Storage Facility in Arklow Co. Wicklow (ID 129930)

Industrial Construction Projects

Industrial Construction Projects submitted for planning in 2018

Through our dedicated research team at Building Information Ireland we research and publish details on all Industrial Construction Projects submitted for planning in all 32 counties.

Hotel Construction Projects

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The image below details 186 Hotel and Guesthouse Construction projects submitted for planning during 2018 year-to-date. The largest of these schemes, by build value estimate, is the 177 room Killeen Castle Development in Co. Meath which was submitted for planning in May and was subsequently granted planning permission at the end of June.

Hotel Construction Projects

Building Information Ireland research and publish key information on all Hotel construction projects throughout Ireland.  Our clients use this valuable sales generating data to strategically direct their sales and marketing teams and to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in this sector.  We offer a free trial and demonstration of this online business tool.

Building Information Index Q1-Q4 2017

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In this year-end volume of the Building Information Index the levels of activity in the construction industry are compared and analysed across the 3 full year periods of 2015, 2016 & 2017. The activity is broken down into key sectors and regions, and also across important stages of the construction and planning life cycle.

The key message displayed in the findings of this Index is that output has increased steadily year on year over the 3 year period and will continue to grow in the short to medium term. While the growth rate may be slowing marginally, we forecast growth in the region of 9% for 2018 with the likelihood of positive growth continuing into 2019.




Value of construction project Commencements grows by +31% in 2017

The value of Construction Project Commencements grows by +31% in 2017 when compared with 2016. The value is up +67% when compared with 2015. Construction projects with a combined value of €10.7bn Building Information Ireland commenced in the year. Growth was recorded in 6 of the 7 sectors analysed with only Industrial project commencement activity showing a year on year decline.

Dublin continues to dominate the industry where over 51% of the entire country commencements took place in 2017. This trend is growing with the same calculation last year showing Dublin at 45%. Residential developments accounts for 54% of Project Commencements in 2017 which is consistent with 2016 and shows the importance it is to the industry as a whole.

Value of Applications up +11%

The value of construction project Applications is up +11% in 2017 and +16% for the 2 year period to 2015. Overall, the pipeline of project Applications was €23.2bn for 2017, up from €20.8bn in 2016. Again Dublin accounts for the largest share, but the percentage is falling, and now stands at just under 39% of the overall, compared with 44% last year.

Residential projects also make up the lion’s share of project Applications with €14.9bn worth of applications, just over +64% of all applications by volume. Commercial & Retail, the second largest sector recorded a decrease in Applications, -13%, as did 4 other sectors in 2017. This points to a potential cooling off in construction output in the medium term with growth rates remaining in single digits at best through 2019 and 2020.