19 September 2016:

The departures floor in Dublin Airport’s Terminal l is to be replaced as part of the €10 million upgrade project.

Parts of the floor have been upgraded several times over the past four decades but in some areas the original tiling laid when the building opened is still in place.

Other improvements to the departures floor include new wooden and tile fascia around the walls and the removal of ticket desks to create more light and space.

The departures floor upgrade project will involve the phased temporary closure of airline check-in desks, with some check-in facilities being moved for a time to check-in area 14, which is located in the lower ground floor of T1 below the arrivals hall.

Refurbishment of the arrivals hall includes new flooring, a replacement ceiling, the removal of desks currently situated in some window areas to allow natural light in, and a new look to the front of Terminal 1.

When completed, the arrivals hall will be brighter and more spacious

All restaurants will be located in one area while services such as the tourist information office, bus, travel and the information desk will be grouped together, making the floor layout more user-friendly and intuitive for customers

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