Modifications to development permitted under planning reference 17600336 as modified by 18601440 and 19600898. The development previously permitted is for alterations and extensions to & refurbishment of the Cashel Palace Hotel, including demolition, works. The development for which permission is sought comprises of the following works to the protected structure of Cashel Palace Hotel

1. Removal of a link to attic level of bedroom block at the east side of the bishop’s Palace & associated reduction in height of permitted link building 2. Increase in roof height over treatment rooms at west elevation of Spa building 3. Amendments to the west & north elevations of the Spa building 4. Amendments to the service entrance to the Spa, located on the west elevation 5. Construction of new steps from the existing terrace at the rear of Bishop’s Palace to garden 6. Increase in height of the existing stone garden wall at bedroom block to the northeast of Bishop’s Palace 7. Change plant screening on the front elevation of the western link between the Bishop’s Palace & Bolton Library from lead cladding to slate cladding 8. Modification to increase the width of door ope to main internal stair landing to the east of Bishop’s Palace between Bishop’s Palace & bedroom block. The development for which retention is sought comprises of the following: 1. Additional dormer window to east of Bishop’s Palace in place of permitted link at attic level of bedroom block 2. Modification of existing window ope of single-storey structure to rear & west of Bishop’s Palace to form door open to existing terrace 3. Additional internal works to Bishop’s Palace comprising a new built-in furniture enclosure in first-floor office 4. Additional vent to 3 bay single-storey structure to rear & east of Bishop’s Palace 5. Reinstatement of original door open to the southeast elevation of the Bolton Library stairwell, an amendment to the window above & associated replacement of concrete lintel with stone 6. Revised internal stair layout of Bolton Library stairwell 7. Additional concrete ring beam to part of the Gate Lodge which is a protected structure (RPS Ref: 81) 8. Single storey garden gazebo. Works will be carried out within the curtilage of the following 6 structures RPS Ref 7 (Cashel Town Walls) RPS Ref 8 (Cashel Palace Hotel) RPS Ref 44 (P and T Post Box) RPS Ref 80 (Palace School House), RPS Ref 81 (Cashel Palace Gate Lodge) and RPS Ref 83 (M Ryans) and will include works to Cashel Palace Hotel and Cashel Palace Gate Lodge.

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Cashel Palace Hotel

Plans Granted

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