Permission for development at a site forming part of the former Irish Glass Bottle and Fabrizia sites, Poolbeg West, Dublin 4. The application site is located within the Poolbeg West Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) Planning Scheme 2019 area. The proposed development will consist of: streets, transportation, water services and utilities infrastructure; public realm and public amenity spaces; and, temporary landscaping of a school site, to facilitate Phase 1 development as provided for under the approved Poolbeg West SDZ Planning Scheme. The site extending to approximately 4.3 ha forms part of the former Irish Glass Bottle and Fabrizia sites at Poolbeg West, Dublin 4, and is bound to the north west by Sean Moore Road, to the north east by South Bank Road, to the south east by Dublin Port lands and Dublin Bay, and to the south west by Sean Moore Park. A 10 year permission is sought. The following elements of the proposed development relate to streets and junctions proposed within the Poolbeg West SDZ Planning Scheme: • Central Boulevard extending approximately 425m in length from Sean Moore Road to The Promenade (Coastal Park), including a new signal-controlled junction with Sean Moore Road. The landscaped Central Boulevard will accommodate dedicated vehicular (including public transport), cycling and pedestrian facilities, and on-street car parking and cycle parking facilities. • A local Street (Home Zone) parallel to and south-west of Central Boulevard, in two sections either side of Village Green, linked by a pedestrian/cyclist connection across Village Green, both sections are approximately 200m in length. This landscaped Local Street will accommodate dedicated vehicular, cycling and pedestrian facilities, and on-street car and cycle parking facilities. This street will include a junction to Sean Moore Road to accommodate pedestrian and cycling access only. • 2 no. Local Streets (Home Zones) forming the north-west and south-east edges of the proposed Village Green, both approximately 175m in length, connecting Village Green to Central Boulevard at Neighbourhood Square. • 2 no. Side Streets connecting the Central Boulevard to the Local Street parallel to and south-west of the Central Boulevard, with one continuing to Coastal Link, 70m and 130m in length, respectively. • A connection from the southernmost Side Street to The Promenade, being part of Coastal Link, 87m in length. The following aspects of the proposed development relate to public amenity spaces and public realm infrastructure works proposed within the Poolbeg West SDZ Planning Scheme. • Part of Coastal Park measuring 0.8ha. The park incorporates a Promenade of 0.3 ha from the boundary of the site with Sean Moore Park to north east of the Central Boulevard and connects with the existing route leading to Irishtown Nature Park and Poolbeg Lighthouse. Works include localised reprofiling of existing boundary berm and creation of a Dog Park (580 sqm) at the north-eastern end of The Promenade and to the north east of Central Boulevard. • Village Green measuring 0.9ha extending south west from the Central Boulevard. • Part of Neighbourhood Square (0.15ha), at the intersection with Village Green and Central Boulevard, in anticipation of its future extension north-eastwards. • Landscaping, including planting, street furniture and lighting on all streets and public amenity spaces included within this application boundary, in accordance with the Infrastructure and Public Realm Masterplan for the overall Irish Glass Bottle and Fabrizia sites included with this planning application. The following aspects of the proposed development relate to water services and utilities infrastructure works proposed within the Poolbeg West SDZ Planning Scheme: • Potable, surface and waste water services infrastructure will be provided under the proposed streets and amenity spaces and connecting to the existing infrastructure network. • The waste water network will connect to the existing 375mm diameter gravity sewer at the Sean Moore Road roundabout, discharging to the Ringsend Pump Station. • The surface water drainage system within the site will connect via bio-retention tree pits and SUDs measures to the existing surface water outfall to the east of the site. • Utilities infrastructure including power, district heating and telecommunications infrastructure, traffic signalling ducting and associated above ground installations. The development will also include for: earth works, excavation and the remediation of material within the application boundary; construction of new access roads and public spaces built up over existing ground and associated signage ad signalling temporary hoarding to internal and external boundaries; and, the temporary landscaping of the school site identified in the Planning Scheme. The proposed development includes for all development and site works ancillary to the above development. This application will be accompanied by an Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) and a Natura Impact Statement (NIS).

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