06/08/19 Construction commenced of extensions at Ennis Community College. consisting of (i) A standalone three-storey Extension (ii) A Metal work/Engineering classroom block (iii) Temporary Accommodation

Coolsivna Construction Group awarded contract

To extend the existing secondary school buildings at ennis community college by a total combined area of 4175sq. M. Proposed works consist of
(i) Construction of stand alone three storey extension to harmony row, including general classrooms and specialist rooms, circulation areas, plant rooms, dining hall and associated kitchen/storage with
(ii) Sportshall, fitness centre with associated changing and storage areas,
(iii) Demolition of an existing gael-cholaiste building, existing sportshall and prefabricated classrooms and existing technical storage,
(iv) Construction of a metal work / engineering classroom to sandfield park,
(v) Modification of the existing boundary wall to include the relocation of existing vehicular entrance gates, formation of two new pedestrian entrances to the main school site, construction of a new bus bay to sandfield park and new car set-down to harmony row,
(vi) A new on-site staff parking area,
(vii) A further staff parking area to the school pitch site on site on Cusack Road,
(viii) Formation of a new pedestrian crossing and associated kerbing on Harmony Row,
(ix) Installation of hard play and social areas,
(x) Ancillary and site services, all located at Ennis Community College.


Construction of approximately 4175sq.m of new secondary school accommodation to include a new three storey classroom block with associated new Sportshall facility and General Purpose hall, a separate single storey Metal work/Engineering classroom block, a new ESB substation, formation of two new pedestrian entrances, construction of a new Bus Bay and car set-down, formation of a new pedestrian crossing and associated kerbing to the adjacent public roadway, installation of hard play & social areas, ancillary & site services together with removal of an existing single storey Gael Cholaiste Building, existing Sportshall and all prefabricated classrooms and existing technical storage. all located at Ennis Community College, Harmony Row, Ennis, Co. Clare.

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