Sandford Living Limited intend to apply to An Bord Pleanála for permission for a strategic housing development at this c. 4.26 hectare site at Milltown Park, Sandford Road, Dublin 6, D06 V9K7. Works are also proposed on Milltown Road and Sandford Road to facilitate access to the development including improvements to pedestrian facilities on an area of c. 0.16 hectares.

The development’s surface water drainage network shall discharge from the site via a proposed 300mm diameter pipe along Milltown Road through the junction of Milltown Road / Sandford Road prior to outfalling to the existing drainage network on Eglinton Road (approximately 200 metres from the Sandford Road / Eglinton Road junction), with these works incorporating an area of c. 0.32 hectares. The development site area, road works and drainage works areas will provide a total application site area of c. 4.74 hectares.

The development will principally consist of: the demolition of c. 4,883.9 sq m of existing structures on site including Milltown Park House (880 sq m); Milltown Park House Rear Extension (2,031 sq m); the Finlay Wing (622 sq m); the Archive (1,240 sq m); the link building between Tabor House and Milltown Park House rear extension to the front of the Chapel (74.5 sq m); and 36.4 sq m of the ‘red brick link building’ (single storey over basement) towards the south-western boundary; the refurbishment and reuse of Tabor House (1,575 sq m) and the Chapel (768 sq m), and the provision of a single storey glass entrance lobby to the front and side of the Chapel; and the provision of a 671 No. unit residential development comprising 604 No. Buildto-Rent apartment and duplex units (88 No. studios, 262 No. one bed units,
242 No. two bed units and 12 No. three bed units) and 67 No. Build-to Sell apartment and duplex units (11 No. studios, 9 No. one bed units, 32 No. two bed units and 15 No. three bed units).

Block A1 will range in height from part 5 No. storeys to part 10 No. storeys and will comprise 94 No. Build-to-Rent apartments; Block A2 will range in height from part 6 No. storeys to part 8 No. storeys (including part double height at ground floor level) and will comprise 140 No. Build to-Rent apartments and duplex units; Block B will range in height from part 3 No. to part 7 No. storeys and will comprise 91 No. Build-to-Rent apartments; Block C will range in height from part 2 No. storeys to part 8 No. storeys (including part double height at ground floor level) and will comprise 163 No. Build-to- Application Form in respect of Strategic Housing Development Rent apartments; Block D will range in height from 3 No. storeys to 5 No. storeys and will comprise 39 No. Build-to-Sell apartments; Block E will be 3 No. storeys in height and will comprise 28 No. Build-to-Sell duplex units and apartments; Block F will range in height from 5 No. storeys to part 7 No. storeys and will comprise 92 No. Build-to-Rent apartments; and the refurbished Tabor House (4 No. storeys including lower ground floor level) will comprise 24 No. Build-to-Rent apartments.

The development also includes a creche within Block F (400 sq m) with
outdoor play area; and the provision of communal internal amenities (c.
1,248.8 sq m) and facilities (c. 158.3 sq m) throughout the residential blocks, Tabor House and the converted Chapel building including co-working space, gym, lounges, reading rooms, games room, multi-purpose space, concierge, mail rooms and staff facilities.
The proposed works also include a new 2.4 metre high boundary wall across the site from east to west (towards the southern boundary) requiring the demolition of a portion of the red brick link building that lies within the subject site towards the south-western boundary (36.4 sq m) and the making good of the façade at the boundary. The existing Link Building is the subject of a separate application for permission (DCC Reg. Ref. No. 3866/20) that includes a request for permission to demolish that Link Building, including the part of the building on the lands the subject of this application for SHD permission. If that application is granted and first implemented, no
demolition works to the Link Building will be required under this application for SHD permission. If that application is refused permission or not first implemented, permission is here sought to demolish only that part of the Link Building now existing on the lands the subject of this application for permission and to make good the balance at the red line with a blank wall.

The development also provides a new access from Milltown Road (which will be the principal vehicular entrance to the site) in addition to utilising and upgrading the existing access from Sandford Road as a secondary access principally for deliveries, emergencies and taxis; new pedestrian access points; pedestrian/bicycle connections through the site; 344 No. car parking spaces (295 No. at basement level and 49 No. at surface level) which includes 18 No. mobility impaired spaces, 10 No. car share spaces, 4 No. collection/drop-off spaces and 2 No. taxi spaces; bicycle parking; 14 No. motorcycle spaces; bin storage; boundary treatments; private balconies and terraces facing all directions; external gantry access in sections of Blocks A1, A2 and C; hard and soft landscaping including public open space and communal open space (including upper level communal terraces in Block A1, Block B and Block C which will face all directions); sedum roofs; PV panels; substations; lighting; plant; lift cores; and all other associated site works above and below ground. The proposed development has a gross floor space of c. 54,871 sq m above ground level over a partial basement (under part of Block A1 and under Blocks A2, B and C) measuring c. 10,607 sq m, which includes parking spaces, bin storage, bike storage and plant.

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