Extension of Duration Parent Ref: 04/179 – (a) 37 hectares (92 acres) of land for a business park, 16 no. 9m high wholesale warehouse showrooms (6 units at 1045msq, 6 units at 1190msq, 1 at 1310msq & 1 at 1845msq, 1 at 1470msq, 1 at 1345msq), 1 no. 9m high enterprise centre & creche (5875msq), 2 no. 9m high office units (1 at 5875msq & 1 at 6430msq), 24no. 9m high incubator office units( all are 265msq), 18no. 9m high lockup units (units 90msq), 37no. 9m high incubator warehouses (25 at 295msq & 12 at 400msq), 3no. 14m high major warehouses (10205msq, 9370msq, 9335msq), 1no. 14m high High Bay Distribution Ind Unit (at 22210msq), 11no. 14m high medium density ind units (5 units at 955msq, 1 at 1220msq, 1 at 1350msq,1 at 1445msq,1 at 1480msq, 1 at 1740msq,1 at 2005msq), const new roundabout on the Armagh Rd to provide access to the proposed business park, assoc. internal roads, parking, siteworks, landscaping &site regrading, (b) Outline for the provision of a new wastewater pumping station, electricity substation, petrol filling station & shop.

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Armagh Road

Plans Granted

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