The proposed development includes, demolition of existing forecourt building, canopy, fuel tanks and all associated structures. Demolition of adjoining disused dwelling, associated sheds, boundary walls and structures. Provision of new forecourt building with 100sq.m retail shop, including 20sq.m off licence area ancillary to retail shop, 171.61sq.m self-service food and seating area/deli-counter plus transaction area, food prep areas, office, stores and toilet facilities. Sale of specially prepared hot and cold food for comsumption both on and off the premises from the self- service food areas/deli-counters. New forecourt layout including canopy, fuel pumps, underground tanks, automatic roll-over car wash, solid fuel store, carwash water pump room and bin compound. Ancillary signage, both illuminated and non-illuminated and all associated site works and boundary adjustments to adjoining retained dwelling.

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Ennis Road

Plans Withdrawn/Invalid

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