A 10 year planning permission for the construction of a contractor’s compound, welfare facilities, an internal access road and associated works. The proposed compound will be built in the area previously occupied by the adm waste water treatment plant, which is currently being demolished, planning ref. 18/6631 relates to this demolition. Part of the aeration basin tank walls which were to be demolished under planning ref. 18/6631 will now be retained as part of this proposed development. Enabling works will include the demolition of the former adm workshop and stores (total floor area = 820m2 with an overall height of 8. 12m): demolition of this building was previously permitted as part of the expired planning application 12/5768, the relocation and grading of site – won material, the removal of 91 trees, protective fencing around trees that are to remain, and some other minor demolitions and alterations. The proposed development will include: a two-storey canteen and meeting rooms bui

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Ballintaggart And Ballybricken S

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