A waste recovery facility. The subject site will be ca. 7.33 hectares in size. The principal development activity will be the deposition of waste soil and stone at the quarry for the purposes of back filling. This will involve the use of subsoil and overburden, sourced from construction, renovation and demolition sites, to backfill and restore an existing void onsite created by past extraction of materials. The footprint of proposed area to backfill is 1. 84 hectares in size. The proposed quantity of such material to be accepted and infilled would be less than 17,500 tonnes per annum and overall is expected to be approximately 100,000 tonnes throughout the operational phase of the proposed activity. The principal waste activity will be for the purposes of recovering said materials through land deposition, and to achieve the improvement and development of land and site restoration. In addition to the principal waste activity described above, it is proposed to carry out the following secondary waste recovery activities: intake of topsoil, screening at proposed screening plant and resale of such material; intake of gravel and sands, washing at existing washing plant and resale of such materials; intake of concrete, concrete crushing using concrete crushing equipment, mixing with sand and gravel before being fed to the washing plant to form aggregate and resale of such material; intake of garden waste, shredding and composition of this waste within a silage pit draining to an underground effluent storage tank, for use for agricultural land spreading. In all, less than 25,000 tonnes of waste materials will be accepted on-site for recovery per annum. A Waste Facility Permit will be obtained for site activities as they will fall under the scope of the Waste Management (Facility Permit and Registration) Regulations as amended.

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