Modifications and minor additions to previously approved scheme (Planning Register Reference SD20A/0283) at this site of c.16.23ha (in total) comprising of the following changes to previously approved scheme SD20A/0283; Approved Central Administration Building (CAB), relocation of building to the east by approx. 7m; reconfiguration and setting out of building plans at all levels (including roof level) resulting in an increase in building footprint of approximately 170sq.m (from 1,424sq.m to 1,594sq.m) associated changes to building elevations (design and finishes); approved single-story Cafeteria Element, additional basement level below cafeteria to accommodate plant; 9 roof lights (2.8 m diameter) and 9 rooflight (1.8m diameter), the inclusion of MEP Plant on roof level including new flue extending approx. 1m above the parapet; approved four-storey Office element, parapet at roof level to be raised by approx. 1.1m (increased from approved 19.5m in height to proposed 20.6m); overall increase in GIFA of 395sq.m; reconfiguration of area available for PV panels and sedum roof finish in order to accommodate required MEP equipment at roof levels. approved Data Centres – DUB14 and DUB15, reconfiguration and setting out affecting building locations and plans at all levels (including roof level) resulting in a reduction in overall building footprint (for each building) by 48sq.m (from 13,442sq.m to 13,394sq.m), associated changes to staircases design, building elevations design and finishes, increase in parapet height of Vent Houses (at roof level) by approx. 350mm and omission of the previously proposed zone of sedum roof finish; overall decrease in GIFA of 1,352sq.m in respect of DUB 14 and decrease of 1,453sq.m in respect of DUB 15; all plant equipment at ground level – reduced in height compared to the approved layout so that the screening is deemed not required; DUB 14, reduction in height of approved flues by approx. 650mm, reduction in the number of flues from 11 approved to 8 proposed; DUB 15, change to the level of the ground floor and the associated increase in overall building height of approx. 700mm (parapet height increased from approved +83.0m O.D. to proposed +83.7m O.D.); reconfiguration of associated external plant at ground level (including generators / E-Houses & transformers) flues, omission of approved Modular Electrical Rooms (MERs) and associated screening serving approved Data Centres DUB14 &15; relocation, modifications to design and expansion of approved Water Treatment Building and associated plant to include, Water Treatment Tanks, 2 sprinkler tanks and relocated approved pump house (contained in the main Water Treatment Plant building) and 1 generator with additional proposed flue stack (height 30.75m) and 1 transformer; Gas Generator Compound – Relocation & reconfiguration of previously approved gas generator compound including, additional 4 generators (from 20 approved to 24 proposed), omission of approved E-houses; additional 7 electrical rooms, additional 7 flues (from 5 approved to 12 proposed); modifications to approved layout of internal site roads, yards and footpaths; relocation and modifications to design of approved Sprinkler Tanks and Pump Houses, Pump House serving DUB 14, relocated into proposed Water Treatment Building and compound, redesign of approved larger tank into proposed two smaller tanks; Pump House serving DUB 15, relocated to south of DUB15 the north facilitate space for electrical equipment redesign of approved larger tank into proposed two smaller tanks; relocation of Approved Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) gas skid & compound including approved 3 kiosk buildings; modifications to approved car park layouts and landscaping design; modifications to location and design of approved bicycle shelters; modifications to site development works, including underground water and building services provision, landscaping, internal security and compound enclosure fencing, and associated works; the remainder of the development (including permitted temporary construction car parking) to be carried out in accordance with parent permission SD20A/0283. An Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) has been submitted with this application; The application relates to a development which comprises an activity requiring an integrated pollution prevention and control (IE) license relating to lands located west of the existing MS Data Centre Campus and also a site located north of the main entrance to the business park from Grange Castle Road.

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Grange Castle Business Park

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