1. Construction of 3no. Extensions to existing school building and will consist of the following: (a) extension no. 1 located to the north facing elevation (rear) of the existing building containing 3no classrooms, boiler house and toilets (b) extension no. 2 located to the south and east facing elevation (front & side) of the existing building containing 2no. Classrooms, library & resource room, multi-purpose room, 2no. Special education tuition room, office accommodation, new main entrance, link corridor and enlarged general purpose room to include additional storage and servery accommodation (c) extension no. 3 located on the west facing elevation (side) containing staff room and esb room. 2. Internal alterations to include a special education tuition room, toilet facilities and link corridors 3. Provide new canopy serving the south east facing block of the exisitng building 4. Relocation of 6no. Existing temporary classrooms from the north to the west and the south of the west and the south of the site to accommodate the phasing of works during the construction 5. Provision of 3no. Hardstanding play areas to the south, north and west facing elevations 6. Connection to the existing waste water treatment system approved under planning reference no. 10/40164 and the removal of the existing percolation area and construction of a new and polishing filter to the north of the site 7. Reconfiguration of the previously approved carpark approved under planning reference no. 12/40186 to accommodate car parking/bus parking/ set down area all of the approved access road 8. Temporary access road for construction traffic along the r250 road 9. All associated site works to include lighting, temporary hoardings, fencing and surface water disposal, etc.

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