PROTECTED STRUCTURE: Planning permission for development at the Meath Community Nursing Unit, at The Former Meath Hospital Campus, Heytesbury Street, Dublin 8, within the curtilage of a Protected Structure (RPS ref.3818). The development will consist of the proposed 4-storey extension to and internal reconfiguration of the existing Meath Community Nursing Unit. Proposed works include demolition of the existing single storey day room and the construction of a new 4-storey extension of the same floor area, ground floor new link corridor, internal reconfigurations of the existing layouts and modifications to the existing elevations. The new extension will accommodate communal facilities, treatment rooms, administration facilities and staff facilities, and will include an additional lift. The reconfiguration works will consist of the upgrading of the catering facility, day-centre facilities, communal facilities, staff facilities, treatment rooms, bedrooms for 57no. residents in total, plant facilities and new landscaping. New build areas 637sqm. Overall proposed CNU building 3,620sqm. The new extension will be located to the South West of the existing Meath Community Nursing Unit at The Former Meath Hospital, Heytesbury Street, Dublin 8, within the curtilage of a protected structure. Proposed works also include the demolition of the existing security hut (12sqm); change of use of the existing Boiler House into a waste management facility including new build external enclosures (total 196sqm) with upgrade works to the existing campus rear entrance gate; and erection of 3 no. signs (6sqm; 5sqm; 7sqm) adjacent to the main entrance gate of Meath Hospital Campus and signage to the CNU building.


The Meath CNU is a four-storey, red brick faced building edging Heytesbury Street on the Meath Hospital Campus, Dublin 8. The Meath CNU’s (approx 3400sqm) current capacity is 51 beds, some of which are 4 beds (to be altered to 1/2 beds).The current re-configuration project is to ensure the CNU meets HIQA Nursing Home standards 2014 by 2017 and to provide 57no beds. The works proposed include the removal of a single storey Day Room and construction of a new 4 storey extension above with new lift to house communal areas on each upper level. The existing layouts on all 4 levels are also to re-configured to improve the general layout, circulation and most importantly to comply with HIQA Standards. Additional works include re-routing and upgrade of services and landscaping / garden area.

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Meath Community Nursing Unit


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