Planning permission for development on a site of c.0.39ha. at 25-28 North Wall Quay, Dublin 1, D01 H104. The site is bound by National College of Ireland to the north, North Wall Quay to the south, AIG Ireland to the east and Spencer Hotel to the west. The proposed development comprises of the following: • Refurbishment of the existing 6 no. storey building to provide for a new façade treatment to all elevations and all associated demolitions as a result; • Infill and extension of the building along the southern boundary resulting in an additional c.668sqm.; • Extension to office accommodation at ground floor level to the western side of the building comprising c.150sqm.; • Infill of existing accessible terrace at 5th floor level on the northern elevation c.119sqm.; • Provision of 2 no. additional floors (3,690sqm) increasing the overall height of the building from 6 no. storeys (23.67m) to 8 no. storeys (31.7m). The 6th floor level will be set back from the southern elevation and the 7th floor will be set back from all elevations; • Amendments to the ground floor layout to provide for a revised double height entrance lobby to the office to the south of the building; • Amendments to the internal layouts of the office floorspace and provision of new glazed atrium feature at roof level; • Amendments to basement level to provide for a reconfiguration of the car parking spaces resulting in a reduction from 98 no. to 69 no., 177 no. cycle parking spaces and 24 no. visitor cycle parking spaces, new shower and locker rooms, plant rooms and store rooms. Access to basement level will remain unchanged; • Provision of 1 no. “A&L Goodbody” entrance sign comprising of stainless steel internally illuminated individually mounted lettering to the south elevation and 1 no. “A&L Goodbody” façade sign at 6th floor level on the south elevation in the eastern corner comprising of Perspex lettering with LED light tape backing; • Alterations to the hard and soft landscaping, SUDs drainage, PV Panels, provision of plant at basement and roof level, accessible terraces at 6th floor (south elevation) and 7th floor level (north and south elevations), green roofs and all other associates site development works necessary to facilitate the development. The proposed development will result in an increase in gross floor area from 15,798sqm (including basement of 3,708sqm) to 21,065sqm (including basement of 3,708).

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