The development will consist of: Demolition of existing 3 storey building over basement to be replaced with new 7 storey over basement incorporated into main structure of hotel, to include a new fire escape stairs exiting onto Talbot Street. The basement element includes 115m2 of commercial floor area with 121m2 new deli-restaurant and shop front on ground floor level accessed from Talbot Street. An additional 155m2 of guest accommodation on existing 1st & 2nd floors. An additional 456m2 of guest accommodation on existing 3rd floor. New 4th & 5th floors with total 2612m2 of guest accommodation. New 6th floor with 1157m2 of guest accommodation together with new 149m2 of roof terrace and room balconies. New stone cladding to replace existing timber at ground floor facade onto Talbot Street, to also include new glazed main entrance and vehicular gates at existing ramp to basement. New stone cladding to replace brickwork at ground floor facade onto Foley Street to include new windows and pedestrian access points. Minor internal alterations to provide new coffee shop at ground floor in place of existing conference rooms, accessible from Foley Street. New stone cladding and curtain wall glazing from third to sixth floor on both Talbot and Foley Street elevations.

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The Ripley Court Hotel


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