For development at a site of circa 8.27ha. The site comprises an existing coal processing and bagging facility where coal is imported primarily by ship for processing and distribution throughout Ireland. The proposed development will consist of two main parts as detailed below: Part A-Coal Briquetting-a new smokeless fuel and low smoke briquette/ovoid manufacturing process co-located within an existing coal-processing building, which is to be altered and extended including demolition of the existing extension (of c.140 sq m ) and construction of a new extension to the west (c.608 sq m) giving a total area for that building of 1,721 sq m approximately. New plant and machinery will be located both internally and externally for the drying, crushing, mixing, binding, pressing, and curing of solid fuel briquettes/ovoids, which will be packed for distribution in the existing coal processing building. There is no increase in the overall annual tonnage throughput from that existing as the smokeless/ low-smoke product replaces a portion of the existing product. The proposed development also includes: the removal and replacement of the existing portacabin offices with a new staff facilities building and operations office (c.95 sq m approximately) in the same location; the extension, roofing and enclosure of the existing coal storage bays (c.710 sq m); a new upgraded surface water drainage system with perimeter berm that channels all surface water run-off via a new hydrocarbon interceptor and existing 3 No. settlement tanks; and a new waste water treatment plant with rising main to proposed percolation area to the north end of the site. Part B – Oil Depot-an oil storage and distribution facility including 2 No. underground petroleum storage tanks and 12 No. overground diesel/gas oil/ kerosene storage tanks on a separate part of the site. Each tank will have an individual capacity of 55,000 litres (cumulative capacity 770m3 approximately) and will be fully bunded with associated firewater/ foam underground tank, filling areas, loading gantry, perimeter fencing, full retention forecourt separator and soak pit, and associated works above and below ground. An Environmental Impact Statement will be submitted to the Planning Authority with the application.

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