A permission of 10 years in duration is sought.

The application site has a total of c. 60 hectares with a nett area for development of c. 45 hectares, and is bound to the south by R352 (Tulla Road), to the east and the north by agriculture land, to the west by the M18.

The demolition of an existing single storey with pitched roof farm dwelling house together with 8 No. farm outbuildings on the overall site. The construction of 6 No. two storey data centre buildings with three storey plant/office levels and associated ancillary development that will have a combined gross floor area of 118,740 sqm. These data halls are maximum 19m high and will consist of the data halls and air handling units and offices and ancillary plant and support. Each of the six data centre buildings will include data halls, associated electrical and mechanical plant rooms, loading bays, maintenance and storage spaces, office administration areas, pump rooms, water storage tanks, and plant, as well as backup (standby) generators (11 No. per building) for emergency use only situated along one elevation of each building.

The standby diesel generators will have associated 8 m high flues. Each generator will also include local diesel storage tanks with a single refuelling area to serve the proposed emergency generators. A gas powered energy centre and Above Ground Installation (AGI)4,674 sqm in size .

The energy centre will primarily comprise 18 no. lean-burn natural gas engines, 2 No. pump rooms, and fuel storage compound. Each generator will have its own flue of 25m height. The energy centre and buildings within the compound will be 12 m high, single storey with mezzanine level. The buildings will house ancillary office, welfare facilities and associated parking. A two storey Vertical Farm Building. The vertical farm will be c. 2,430 sqm and 12m high. It will comprise c. service area of 1,444 sqm, handling area of 844 sqm and ancillary areas.

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Tooreen; Cahernalough; Konckanean

Plans Applied

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