PROTECTED STRUCTURE: The development will consist of: the minor realignment of the senior playing pitch and its resurfacing with a new sand based grass surface; the removal of tennis courts to facilitate the realignment and increase in area of the junior pitch and its resurfacing with a new synthetic playing surface; the provision of shot putt and long jump facilities, a running track, a synthetic multi-games-area and synthetic play areas; and the provision of an access roadway, principally for emergency vehicles, abutting the pitches. The development also includes: the provision of 8 metre high retractable ball-stop netting to the north of the junior pitch, its extent limited to the area to the rear of the goal post; protective padding on the walls to the north and west of the junior pitch; sports fencing surrounding the pitches and play areas; replacement of the existing 2.4 metre high fence along the ditch line to the north of the sand-based playing pitch with a new 2.4 metre high fence; retaining walls with fencing over; landscape works; changes in level; diversion if services; and all other associated site development works above and below ground.

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