Works,all within the curtilage of protected structure as described below:forming a new recessed vehicular & pedestrian entrance off Passage Rd; demolition of 20th Century classroom blocks (Glynn,Jacob,Webster,Foster & Penn) on the Wilkin St side of the school complex &construction of a 4624sqm three storey block with general & specialist classrooms & PV panels to roof;demolition of 20th Century entrance block between the Dining hall&Library&the construction of 611sqm two storey entrance block with reception,administration,social/locker areas & staff facilities;demolition of the Southern 20th Century section of the Bio-Laboratory & construction of a 500sqm,single storey Special Needs Unit.

The Northern section of the Bio-Lab will be retained as an archive museum;demolition of entrance lobby to Foy Hall & the construction of a 162sqm vertical circulation core&social/locker area;demolition of 4 classrooms attached to the swimming pool complex&the construction of a 1149sqm PE Sports/Assembly Hall&a single storey changing&fitness suite with PV Panels to roof;alterations to existing buildings&the construction of a 120sqm part single storey, part 2 storey horizontal circulation spine from Wyse House to the Bio-Lab, with an extended covered link to the new classroom block;alterations to the Dining Room & classroom block to form 2 levels with dining facilities,connected with a new staircase,refurbishment of Wyse House & insertion of new lift&part new staircase to facilitate its use as general classrooms&associated facilities.Wyse house is a protected structure, refurbishment of the Library block including the replacement of the two 20th Century roof lanterns.The Library is a protected structure;Relocation of 2 single storey storage containers to the west of the swimming pool & to the east of the new entrance.Total area of new build&refurbishment is 9,289sqm;Provision of hard & soft landscaping with new set down area,car parking,new storm water attenuation system&play areas.Any felled trees will be replaced;Provision of a temporary construction entrance off Wilkin St; Construction of 26 no temporary car spaces adjacent to the main entrance for the duration of the construction programme;Provision of a temporary 2 storey modular classroom block&a single storey dining&locker area with a combined floor area of 2,396sqm;Provision of a combined roadway&fire path adjacent to the Wilkin St& Passage Road boundary wall together with a 74sqm extended store&covered yard,new drainage & ancillary works.

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