The development will consist of: the provision of an 84sq.m single-storey retail unit at no. 77 Moore Street (provided through the amalgamation of the existing unit (68sq.m) and the provision of 16 sq.m new floor area through the extension of the building line to the east along Moore Street to incorporating part of the existing covered walkway as internal retail space); the provision of an 867 sq.m two storey retail unit provided through the reformation of Unit Nos. 44-45 Moore Mall incorporating the amalgamation of adjoining floor area (341 sq.m from Unit Nos. 42-43 Moore Mall as permitted under reg Ref. 2131/13), 35sq.m from Unit No. 43b Moore Mall, 48sq.m from Unit No. 78 Moore Street, 39 sq.m from Unit No. 79 Moore Street, 48sq.m from Unit No. 80 Moore Street, 49sqm from Unit 81 Moore Street, 63sq.m from the rear of Units Nos 78-81 Moore Street and 44-45 Moore Mall and the provision of new retail floor space (103sq.m) by extending the building line to the east along Moore Street.

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5 The Village


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