A) Retention of existing single story office building, retention of 4 No. Agricultural / Industrial style buildings used for Workshops (2), Storage (1) and Assembly Shed (1).
B) Retention of continuance of use of the existing compound and stated buildings above in (A) for an indefinite period of time for the storage, manufacture and distribution of temporary fencing.
C) Permission to relocate the existing entrance and access road serving the development, permission to close the existing entrance and access road that currently serves the existing development.
D) Permission to remove 4200 cubic metres (approx) of soil and lower the level of a portion of the development site to accommodate the new entrance and
E) Permission to construct a new detached two story house using the new entrance and access road.
F) Permission to connect the existing development and the proposed house to the public sewer and all associated site works.

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Brownstown Lower


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