1) Construction of a new waste management facility building (c. 12 m height, c. 971 m2 gross floor area)
2) Construction of a new on-site waste water treatment plant (packaged secondary system plus packaged tertiary system) & associated pipework to cater for the existing & proposed developments
3) Associated & ancillary works will include new surface water collection system with rainwater harvesting, attenuation measures, de-commissioning of existing septic tank & percolation area, vehicle parking, staff parking, fuelling facilities, noise attenuation barriers, security & stock proof fencing & gates, kerbing, internal footpaths, road side footpaths & street lighting, structural fill & paving, slabs, alterations to site entrance, and landscaping

4) Retention of partial change of use of pre-existing authorised building office & office w.c. (c. 35 m2) to shared use as office & office w.c. between the pre-existing & proposed developments, and retention of change of use of pre-existing authorised slab for use as a slab in the proposed development (c. 261 m2)
5) Retention of the current layout and uses of conveyance plant including intake enclosure & ramps which will all be enclosed by the new facility building
6) Retention of inert fill to low lying areas of site (c. 532 m3). The retention fill area will be finished to profiles with soft landscaping including trees, shrubbery, & grasses, and will be used to enclose a new attenuation structure and as part of a landscaped site buffer / floodplain
7) Retention of associated & ancillary works and current uses including weighbridge, wheelwash, relocated hydrocarbon interceptor, silt trap, & pipework, and slabs (c. 593 m2) The facility will recover inert waste arising from construction & demolition activity including concrete, bricks, tiles, or other such similar material.

The facility will recover, store, & transfer dry recyclables and will receive, store, & transfer waste (other than hazardous waste) for onward disposal. The new facility building will enclose the retained conveyance plant and other industrial equipment and will include a vehicle refuelling area. The conveyance plant will be used to convey waste from collection vehicles to larger transport vehicles. A waste facility permit would be required in relation to the development

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