Construction of a new two storey c.11,700sq.m building for use as electrical rooms for electronic operations, mechanical plant rooms and support areas including a loading bay, offices and welfare facilities; mechanical plant at roof level is screened from view on all sides; a new 50sq.m electrical substation; a new plant array along the east site boundary including an electrical substation transformer compound; a 90sq.m electrical substation control room; a diesel fuel tank farm and loading bay; a 10sq.m fuel pump house; a sprinkler water tank; a 70sq.m water pump house; a humidifier water tank farm; the repositioning and widening of vehicular entrances; 2 site entrances at changed locations in place of 3 existing; 23 car parking spaces, landscaping and ancillary works; the combined gross floor area of the proposed buildings totals c. 11,920sq.m; demolition of existing buildings is being carried out under grant of permission Reg. Ref. SD13A/0266.

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Former Shinko Building


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