Protected structure: replacement of roof plant & roof plant housing for the purpose of upgrading services to modern day office accommodation standards at three buildings located at 50-58 baggot street lower, Dublin 2. The development provides for the removal and storage of existing roof level plant room louvres, following removal and storage of louvres, demolition of existing roof level plant rooms and construction of new roof level plant rooms to accommodate new plant and reinstallation of existing louvres in existing positions and associated site development works. The dimensions of the Plant Rooms to be the same as existing , including height, location and area. The buildings are a Protected Structure, identified on the Record of Protected Structures as Bank of Ireland Headquarters, 50-58 Baggot Street Lower, Dublin 2. (Reference 370). Protected Structure Ref. 370 consists of 3 no. buildings and are identified in the application as Building A, B and C. Building A is located to the rear (north) of the site and is bounded by James Street East to the west and James Place East to the north. Building B is bounded by Baggot Street Lower to the front (south). Building C is bounded by James Street East to the west and by Baggot Street Lower to the front (south). This development applies to buildings A, B and C.

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