development consists of a Waste Recovery Facility for a Class 7 activity – namely recovery of inert waste arising from construction and demolition activity, including concrete, bricks, tiles, or other such similar material, at a facility (excluding the improvement or development of land) where – (a) the annual intake shall not exceed 10,000 tonnes and (b) the maximum quantity of residual waste consigned from the facility for submission to disposal at an authorised facility shall not exceed 15% of the annual intake. Complying with Class R5 & R13 of the Fourth Schedule & D15 of the Third Schedule of the Waste Management Act as amended and in accordance with Class 7 of the Third Schedule, Part 1 of the Waste Management (Facility Permit and Registration) Regulation 2008. The above application relates to a development for the purposes of an activity requiring a waste licence (Appropriate Assessment (Screening) Report submitted with this application

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Kingstown and Carnuff Great and Haystown and Carnuff Little

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