The Development will consist of:
1. Replace 4 existing raw water intake pumps with new more efficient pumps within existing intake & pumping station building.
2. Refurbishment of internal structure of existing intake & pumping station (400sqm area).
3. Provision of additional 3000 cubic m capacity raw water storage reservoir at the water treatment plant site, 30m internal diameter reservoir storage depth 4. 5m, to be predominantly below existing ground level.
4. Provision of new flash mixer/flocculation tank which will be partially below ground, 415sqm area, height 5. 0m.
5. Provision of 8 additional sludge blanket clarifiers with total surface area of 1100sqm height 5. 75m. Clarifiers to be predominantly below ground level.
6. Provision of 6 additional dual media filters each with surface area of 52. 5sqm. Including backwash system and controls, area 550sqm height 4. 55m.
7. Provisions of a new disinfection system inclusive of storage tanks, dosing pumps and controls contained within a new building, area of 675sqm, height 5. 4m above ground.
8. Provision of Chlorine contact tank with a holding capacity of 2150m3
9. Provision of pipework for a future UV disinfection system to be housed in the building described in 7 above.
10. Provision of two batch settlement tanks and associated pumping stations for the recovery of washwater. Total plan area of 580m2 and an overall height 8.4m.
11. Provision of an additional sludge balancing tank, Plan area of 40m2 and an overall height 4.0m.
12. Provision of an additional picket fence sludge thickener. Plan area of 170m2 and an overall height 4.9m
13. Provision of an additional thickened sludge holding tank. Plan area 40m2 and an overall height 5.6m.
14. Provision of a new sludge dewatering building and hard standing area for mobile centrifuge and articulated trailer. Plan area 210m2 and an overall height of 10m.
15. Provision of a workshop building. Plan area 265m2 and an overall height of 7.5.
16. Modification of internal layout of water treatment plant. Plan Area 350m2.
17. Provision of a standby generator at the water treatment plant.
18. Provision of interconnecting pipework and ducting throughout the water treatment plant site.
19. Provision of new site access roads and 2.4m high perimeter fencing.
20. Provision of a new 2.4m high gate at the entrance to the water treatment plant.
21. Provision of additional site drainage infrastructure.
22. Provision of landscaping.

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