Permission for a period of 10 years for the development of the new National Maternity Hospital, comprising a 244-number bed maternity hospital; developments for St. Vincent’s University Hospital (including 38- number in-patient beds) to replace existing facilities on site; new campus wide shared non-clinical support services; a shared service yard, an extension to the existing multi-storey car park and all ancillary site development, site services, utilities and landscaping works.
The proposed development will consist of a series of developments on a 10.55-hectare site on the St. Vincent’s University Hospital Campus comprising the following:
• The construction of a new 50,776 square metre gross floor area building to be developed on a site at the eastern end of the St. Vincent’s University Hospital Campus adjacent to and connected with the St. Vincent’s Clinical Services Building. The proposed building will rise to five and six storeys plus additional plant areas at roof level over the prevailing ground level and a proposed basement to an overall height to parapet level of 41.285 metres ODM (to top of lift shaft plantroom; 47.335 metres ODM to top of boiler flues). The new structure provides for the new National Maternity Hospital (to be relocated from Holles Street, Dublin 2) including the following medical and surgical specialities – maternity, gynaecology, paediatrics, neonatology, pathology, 29S.PA0049 Board Order Page 2 of 12 genetics, anaesthesia, emergency medicine, endocrinology/diabetes, pain management, oncology, colposcopy, urodynamics, foetal medicine, haematology, and 244-number beds; replacement facilities for St. Vincent’s University Hospital including a new dermatology unit, two number SVUH wards (38 number beds), SVUH medical records department, finance department offices and shared facilities including a new waste marshalling yard, deliveries yard, purchasing and stores department, catering department and canteen, clinical engineering and hospital sterile services department. Bridge/corridor links are proposed to the existing clinical services building and existing ward block at levels 0, 2, 3 and 4 and will include modifications to the existing laboratories within the existing St. Vincent’s Hospital.
• The construction of temporary buildings (903 square metres in total) including a single storey catering staff changing facilities, a single storey household services store, a single storey carpenter’s workshop and a single storey temporary canteen and access corridor.
• The expansion of the existing multi-storey car park facility (11,884 square metres gross floor area; two levels vertically and a five level extension at its western end adjacent to Nutley Lane to an overall height of 18.84 metres ODM to top of lift shaft) to accommodate the additional parking demand associated with the National Maternity Hospital and the re-provision of existing campus spaces that are displaced due to the works. The enhanced facility will provide a net increase of 277 number spaces on the campus in addition to 149 number displaced spaces to accommodate a total of 922 number spaces over five levels.
• Two new entrances to the multi-storey car park including a new access to the lowest level (Level 0) through the existing St. Rita’s surface car park and a new high level access (Level 5) adjacent to the current access. The new low level access will be under the existing pedestrian link through the campus from the Merrion Road. The provision of the new access arrangements will necessitate the displacement of a number of spaces in both the multi-storey car park and the adjacent St. Rita’s surface car park. The existing vehicular access point will be closed and a new taxi holding area will be provided adjacent to the western end of the extended car park close to Nutley Lane. 29S.PA0049 Board Order Page 3 of 12
• The demolition of existing buildings comprising 8,765 square metres of space including the existing canteen, catering staff changing facilities, transitional care unit, neurology unit pharmacy, energy centre including existing chimney stack, carpenter’s workshop, electrical switch room, kitchens, purchasing stores, dermatology unit, waste marshalling yard and the nissen hut adjacent to the existing car park.
• The construction of a new single storey ESB substation, switch room (119 square metres) and oil tank enclosure (236 square metres) adjacent to the existing breast check building, two new single storey bicycle store enclosures (170 square metres and 158 square metres) located to the south of the existing nurse education centre for 192 number bicycle spaces which in conjunction with new covered and convenience cycle spaces dispersed across the campus will provide a net increase of 235 number bicycle spaces, providing a total of 485 bicycle spaces on the campus, a new single story VIE enclosure to the south of the campus adjacent to the existing campus service road (91 square metres) and a new single storey storage building adjacent to the multi-storey car park (110 square metres). Modifications to existing Herbert Wing car park including access ramp and steps to the new building and an ambulance set-down area to the southern elevation.
• Proposed modifications to the existing road network within the campus to accommodate the new hospital building and car parking facilities, hard and soft landscaping elements to the perimeter of the proposed building including modification of ground levels, modifications to existing road junctions at Nutley Lane and Merrion Road (subject to the approval of the roads authority), a temporary construction access from Nutley Lane and general landscaping modifications to campus access routes.
• The proposed development also includes all ancillary site clearance, construction, site development and landscaping works, which include, but are not limited to, the relocation of medical and surgical gasses, the diversion of existing hospital campus site services, new and replacement cycle spaces, new services, water mains and communications networks and all required phasing, sequencing and site development works, all at the St. Vincent’s University Hospital Campus, Elm Park, Dublin.

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