Full ten-year planning permission for development on this site located at Avoca River Park, Arklow, Co. Wicklow. The proposed development is to be located within the townlands of Shelton Abbey and Marsh. The site is bound to the west by the site of a permitted data storage facility development (permitted under Reg. Ref.: 201285), to the north by the access road to Avoca River Park, to the south by undeveloped lands and to the east by undeveloped lands beyond which is the M11 motorway.

The proposed development consists of the following:
•All site clearance and enabling works required to facilitate the development.
•Construction of 2 no. energy centre buildings (Energy Centre 1 and Energy Centre 2) each with a height to parapet level of c. 13.85 metres.
•Energy Centre 1 will comprise a gross floor area (GFA) of 5,965 sq.m. within a single storey building and will accommodate 12 no. generators. 4 no. flues 33 metres in height will be accommodated along with south-western elevation of the building.
•Energy Centre 2 will comprise a GFA of 9,180 sq.m. within a single storey building and will accommodate 18 no. generators. 6 no. flues 33 metres in height will be accommodated along the south-western elevation of the building.
•Construction of a battery compound to provide electricity storage and backup power, located to the northeast of Energy Centre 2, to comprise 27 no. battery arrays within a compound area of c. 0.7 hectares. A single storey MV switch-room building (c. 181 sq.m. GFA) will be provided to the west of the battery compound.
•Provision of a transformer compound (to the northwest of Energy Centre 1), along with a welfare building (c.38 sq.m. GFA).
•Provision of fuel storage tanks (2 no.) within a bunded compound to the north of Energy Centre

2.•Construction of a new access from the existing estate access road to the north of the site, internal road network and circulation areas, footpaths, provision of 6 no. car parking spaces and 4 no. cycle parking spaces.
•Landscaping and planting, boundary treatments, lighting, security fencing and all associated ancillary and site works including underground foul and storm water drainage network (including on-site wastewater treatment system) and utility cables.

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Avoca River Park

Plans Granted

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